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Furch/Stonebridge D31TAM Addy/Mahogany Dreadnought #64568  From FurchStonebridge

Stonebridge's Torrefied Adirondack Spruce and Mahogany dread!


Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!
Furch/Stonebridge Guitars

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What We Think

One strum on this wonderful new dread from Furch/Stonebridge and a seemingly endless warm, rolling tonality fills the room.  While the torrefied Addy/hog combo suggests a vintage sound, the rich, sparkling tonality we expect from Furch/Stonebridge's more modern builds works with the tonewoods to produce an instrument that sounds old and new in all the right ways...it manages to be both woody and sweet.  It's hard to imagine a better guitar for solo singer/songwriters or bandleaders looking to make every performance memorable--nothing else sounds quite like the D31AM.  Give us a call today to find out more about this big, booming intersection of past and present! 

Furch/Stonebridge D31TAM Addy/Mahogany Dreadnought #64568 Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure acoustic specialist Michael Buckley demos the Furch/Stonebridge D31TAM Addy/Mahogany Dreadnought #64568.

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    • Furch/Stonebridge D31TAM Addy/Mahogany Dreadnought #64568

Manufacturer's Description from FurchStonebridge

In 2004, while attending the Music Messe Trade Show, in Frankfurt, Roger Schmidt, who was at that time employed as a sales manager and product scout, came across the booth of the Czech guitar builder, Frantisek Furch. Having been around guitars his whole life, as well as being an avid fingerstyle player, the guitars on display immediately grabbed his attention. After spending a good while sampling the many fine instruments, Roger had no doubt in his mind, these were especially good guitars.

The following year, Roger returned to the same show, now as an independent sale representative. His main mission was to have another careful look at the guitars he couldn’t seem to get out of his mind. Sure enough, they gave him an even better impression the second time around. After some discussions with the sales manager on hand, it was agreed, that they would begin cooperating together, towards the introduction of their guitars, into the USA and Canada.

With very limited resources, but much determination, Roger set about to see what could be done. He pretty much “maxed out” is personal credit card purchasing a small selection of samples. When they arrived a few months later, he took them, along with his family, on a “working vacation”. In less than three weeks, they had visited numerous music stores in over twelve American states. The impressions and reactions were almost unanimous at each stop; the guitars were deemed to be of very high quality and truly impressive. The one “hesitation” that kept coming up was the brand name.  Frantisek Furch, who had been building his guitars since 1981, had already established a fine reputation, selling the guitars with his family name as the brand throughout Europe and Japan.  However, the general feeling was that it would probably be best to identify the guitars with a more marketable brand name for the North American market. Heeding this sound advice, Roger came up the name of “Stonebridge”, inspired from the Charles Bridge in Prague, which was built in the 12th century, and made entirely of cut stone. Before this world famous historical landmark was officially named after a much loved king, the people just called it the Stone Bridge. Frantisek Furch readily agreed with the concept and the brand was then created and developed by Roger Schmidt.

In 2010, Roger joined forces with Ken Wilson, who is now the president and CEO of Stonebridge Guitars International. Together, along with the help of their USA Sales Director, Todd Allison, who has been with the company since 2007, they have worked tirelessly to build up the company, and the awareness of these remarkable guitars. Their main strategy for lasting success has been to build up genuine “street cred” through down to earth hard work,  and conviction in a superior product that inspires one to create.  By staying this course, Stonebridge Guitars has firmly cemented themselves in the world of fine hand crafted boutique guitars, with a continued steady growth and impeccable reputation.

Stonebridge Guitars are now in the hands of many fine players, many who are recognized by their fans and peers, as being at the very top of their genres. As well, there are many emerging artists who have come to own, and hone their craft with our guitars. We have made many good friends along the way and look forward to making many more. We hope that this might become the case for you, as well!

Furch/Stonebridge Guitars

About Manufacturer

The Furch Story

Frantisek Furch has been building acoustic guitars in the Czech Republic (formerly

Czechoslovakia) since 1981. Growing up under a Communist government where American music

was frowned upon, Furch and a large group of the youth at the time fell in love with the charms

of our culture’s music, especially Bluegrass and the acoustic folk-based types. They hid their

passion from authority and met and played late at night around campfires or deep in the woods,

far from the ears of authorities.

Understandably, many of the youth had difficulty procuring quality instruments, due to a

multitude of reasons, namely restrictive government trade policies, and lack of sufficient

spending money. This necessity led Frantisek, originally a banjo player, to begin building guitars

and mandolins to supply his friends and fellow music lovers. For the first 8 years of his

professional instrument-building career, business was conducted in secret because the

communist government outlawed private enterprise. In the garage of his parent’s home he built

acoustic guitars, selling them to the growing underground music community. Well before the fall

of Communism, Furch’s reputation grew and reached the ears and hands of many an impressed

music lover. Beginning in 1989, after the fall of Communism, Furch was finally able to build and

sell formally under his own name. His company was named Furch Musical Instruments. By then,

he was producing acoustic guitars that were superb in quality and in no time, he couldn’t keep

up with the demand. So employees were steadily added and in 1993, they moved the

production into a renovated mill.

Furch and his shop quickly gained a great reputation throughout Europe and Japan for making

highly affordable and extremely nice world-class guitars. By finely handcrafting his instruments

from traditional guitar tone woods like Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple and Cedar, and having

direct access to such highly desired species as the European Spruces, Furch’s guitars rank high

with many of the greats. When compared to other similar guitars, though, his stand out in value.

Furch and his shop of builders have also made use of many modern advancements in their oldworld

shop. His guitars today use a modified bolt-on neck joint as well as top notch hardware

like Schaller Tuners, and top of the line pickup systems.

In 1994, Furch entered the Frankfurt music fair for the first time. This proved to be quite

successful, and the demand for the instruments quickly surpassed their production capacity.

Orders were sold out for at least six months ahead of time.

In 1999, the new Millennium Series of acoustic guitars was introduced. By then, they were

completing thirty guitars a week, with a staff of 20 people.

In 2002, they delivered a guitar with the serial number of 15000 and had almost doubled their

production rate.

In 2003, they purchased a much larger section of the mill, which they began to completely

rebuild. The Durango and Bluegrass series of acoustic guitars were launched at the Frankfurt

music fair and were received with much enthusiasm.

In 2004, they moved into the new facilities and completed guitar number 18000.

In the summer of 2005, a decision was made to adopt the name of Stonebridge, for use in North

America and the UK.

In 2015, with the Furch brand name spreading from the rest of the world into North America,

Furch has decided to bring their instruments into North America under their own name instead of

the Stonebridge Brand. Furch and Company now offer their fine old world products to the entire

globe under the Furch name. 


Serial Number: 64568

Torrefied Adirondack Spruce Top

Honduras Mahogany Back & Sides


Solid high-grade tone woods

Two piece Honduran Mahogany neck

Ebony fretboard & bridge

Ebony headstock onlay

Ebony bridge pins

Tortoise style binding with B&W purfling

B&W three ring Rosette

Tapered X-Bracing

Two-Way Adjustable Truss Rod (Proprietary Stonebridge Design)

Paua Abalone Headstock Logo Inlay

Paua Abalone position dots

Nickel Schaller Tuners (15:1 Ratio)

Tortoise Dalmation Style Pickguard (in case)

Semi-Gloss Hand Rubbed Lacquer Finish/ Satin Finish Neck

Flat Top Headstock

Elixir Ph-Br Nanoweb 012-53

Light to Medium Gauge Strings Recommended

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Scale Length: 25.563″

Nut Width: 45mm or 1.77″

Setup for Light Gauge Strings

Frets – 20

Frets – Nickel/Silver

Frets – Width: 2.0mm (0.0787″)

Frets – Height: 1.0mm (0.0394″)

TUSQ Nut & Saddle


Hiscox Hard Shell Case

Warranty Card

Truss Rod

Quantity of two bridge pins and some replacement frets