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True-Bypass Boost Pedal

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What We Think

Fulltone offers a customizable boost that will take your tone to the next level! This second generation fat boost is a total re-design from the original with improvements sure to please players looking for a versitile boost pedal.

Fulltone Effects Fat Boost Pedal with a Melancon Pro Artist Guitar

Fulltone's Fat Boost is a Discrete, Class-A, FET (Field-Effect-Transistor), offering Gain that's as transparent as you want it to be. Give a listen or read more at www.soundpure.com ...

Manufacturer's Description from Fulltone

The old Gray FatBoost is out to pasture. This is a total ground-up re-design.
* Class-A , 100% JFET powered, no op amps!
* the most headroom (before clipping) of any pedal you've tried.
* pre-clipping Bass Control (keeps things from getting flabby when using neck pickup.
* perfect Treble control, allows lots of sparkle, yet can brown up nicely.
* one of the byproducts of this well-designed multi-stage FET device is that it is probably the best compressor you'll ever feel, You Nashville Tele and strat players are going to LOVE what this feels like and what it does to the Recording Levels.
* offers a little bit of Tweed-style crunch tone with Drive control turned up, but excels as clean Booster.
* a better output section (non-inverting, and extremely Low-Z output to drive other pedals and long cables)
*our proprietary '"you can't kill it with any power supply, it'll run off anything!" power section.
* True Bypass, Super Bright LED, and our exclusive anti-pop switching circuitry.

Fulltone Effects Pedals

About Manufacturer

My name is Michael Fuller, I'm the founder, designer, and President of Fulltone Musical Products Inc.
2018 marks our 25th Anniversary, but I really started Fulltone around 1991 while working as a Session Guitarist, a Composer, Performer, and Electronic Tinkerer. People started calling me asking for my pedals after I was featured in Guitar Player Magazine for winning first place in their "Ultimate Guitarist Competition" competition.
Fulltone pedals were born out of a love for music, great gear, great tone, and a desire to make bullet-proof products. Early on I developed a love for fine vintage pedals and my frustration at the inconsistencies and the fragile nature of this old gear drove me to start Fulltone. Rich, Fat-sounding TONE TOOLS with a reliable build quality is the goal. All Fulltone effects carry a 5 year warranty and are built for (and by) musicians.
We use True Bypass switching or our exclusive "Enhanced Bypass TM" (OCD V2, WahFull) with L.E.D. status indicator in all our pedals. I designed and manufacture the Fulltone 3PDT , the world's only Super-Duty Triple Pole Double Throw footswitch. All of Fulltone's Pots and switches are designed by me and custom made for me because what everyone else uses is not good enough, in my opinion.
All Fulltone pedals are designed, hand-built & tested by us at our shop in Southern California using top-notch components.