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Fredenstein HD Reference Stereo Preamp  From Fredenstein

A revolutionary approach to clean preamplification with ultra-wide audio bandwidth that captures every nuance of your most detailed microphones!

Fredenstein Professional Audio


"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from Fredenstein

The HD REFERENCE Microphone Preamplifier can be described as unique, revolutionary, and among the best-performing mic pre's of all time.
Well almost unique. The internal topology was first introduced in the 500 Series Fredenstein HD PRE which features the new current mode, true class A, zero negative feedback, 100% balanced circuit that uses 54 discrete premium transistors for gain. The HD REFERENCE goes a step further with 72 transistors and a +/-24 volt power supply. The HD REFERENCE is also designed to be remote controlled (or not) and offers 1 dB gain steps shown clearly on the front panel.

Technical performance can only be described as extreme or exceptional. Extreme low noise (EIN - XX dB), exceptional low distortion (.XX% at 60 dB of gain), extreme bandwidth (-3dB down at 900kHz) and is can deliver +30dbuat the outputs. And while it sports the holy grail, grand combination of high-end specifications, The HD REFERENCE also out-performs typical tube pre-amplifiers in the area of smooth transition into saturation, due to the absence of negative feedback and the fast recovery inherent in the topology. In other words, it goes from Rist Neto 3 dimensional through rich and then powerhouse depending on how hard one drives it.

Features include 1 dB stepped gain from 0 dB to +64 dB (using high reliability relay) indicated with a large 7 segment LED display. 3 high pass filter frequencies, 3 impedance settings, phantom power and polarity switching. Details like, automatic muting while phantom power is changing, to prevent thumps and damage to monitors built in. There is also a pair of Direct Inputs for instruments with low noise discrete JFET inputs (2 meg-ohm) and 0 to 40 dB of gain.

And then by adding the COMMANDER remote control we can reap the benefit of keeping the mic pre-close to the mic, while still keeping control of all the features the HD REFERENCE provides. By keeping the cable between the mic and the REFERENCE HD short, we can preserve the fragile mic level signals and send a robust line level signal any reasonable distance to the converter, console or compressor. The Commander and REFERENCE HD connect with a standard mic cable. The COMMANDER additionally has a LOCK button that can prevent tampering at the remote preamp.

Fredenstein Professional Audio

About Manufacturer

Think about what is sonically missing in today's audio equipment and how you could achieve better results in recording and mastering? Now, many go back to well proven classic pieces of audio gear to fight the shortcomings of digital recording. Could that be the ultimate solution? Did the improvements in technology during the last 50 years really don't apply to recording? Using technologies from vacuum tubes to Digital Signal Processors, often in the same product, Fredenstein products combine the strength of each technology and avoiding their weaknesses. In addition we strongly believe in Zero-Negative-Feedback, negative feedback is a technique to make amplifiers more linear, but at the same time making them sounding harsh. This is one of the reasons modern equipment sounds so similar. Omitting negative feedback and using an internally and externally balanced designs which are very linear by design will yield a natural sound on a different level, warm, not dull or muffled, instead with a rich silky top-end and an impulse response will simply blow you away. Don't get us wrong, we are not talking about 「esoteric designs」, we believe very strongly in a scientific engineering approach.


We also provide pieces of long neglected equipment like precision analog meters. Even if you are working mostly inside the 「box」, metering your analog signal before it hits your converters is still very important and a great foundation for good recording. Fredenstein's state-of-the-art audio technology will help you throughout your chain to achieve truly outstanding results.

In addition, Fredenstein believes recording engineers deserve to have a more user friendly, more convenient and efficient pieces of equipment making the studio life easier and generate a more comfortable working environment. By minimizing the number of buttons and switches without sacrificing the functionality we deploy a clean user interface allowing you to get instantaneously familiar with the products.

Fredenstein Professional Audio Products are designed for audio professional in recording and broadcast studios as well as independent engineers and producers in their own facilities.

Fredenstein is focused to make a difference in Professional Audio. You can expect superior sound and high-end built quality from each of our products


  • Frequency Response : 2 Hz – 700,000 Hz, - 1 dB
  • 1 Hz – 920,000 Hz, - 3 dB
  • Distortion : < 0.0082 at +4 dBu Output Level (31 dB Gain)
  • Input Noise (EIN) : < -128.5 dB (150 Ohms Source Impedance 64db Gain)
  • <-130 dB A Weighted
  • Input Impedance : > 200 kOhms or 1000 or 300 Ohms selectable
  • CMRR : > 60 dB at 54 dB gain
  • DI Impedance : > 2 MOhms
  • Max. Input Level : + 20 dBu,
  • Output Impedance : 600 Ohms
  • Max. Output Level : + 30dBu
  • Max Input Signal : +20 dBu
  • (DI or Microphone Input) + 0dBu