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Focusrite RedNet R1 Desktop Remote Controller  From Focusrite

Unleash The Power Of Red Interfaces



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RedNet R1 // Focusrite Pro

More Powerful. More adaptable. Supercharge any Red interface with the RedNet R1 desktop remote controller and interact with audio like never before. With RedNet R1 you can take complete control of multiple monitor configurations and source selections, manage remote-controllable mic preamps and declutter your desktop by rack mounting your interface. 

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    • Focusrite RedNet R1 Desktop Remote Controller

Manufacturer's Description from Focusrite

RedNet R1 is a versatile studio-grade desktop remote controller for Focusrite Red audio interfaces that helps you perfect your workflow. When combined with a Red interface, RedNet R1 gives you complete control of your monitor selection, source selection, and offers Dante®, Pro Tools™ | HD and Thunderbolt™ connectivity. The RedNet R1 can be used to manage remote-controllable mic preamps on your Focusrite Red interfaces, so that you can keep your interface in the rack and declutter your desktop.

With RedNet R1 connected to a Red interface, you can select inputs from one or more of eight available source groups, each comprising up to 12 channels, to a maximum of 32 total channels. Sources are selected via the front panel, or set up using the included RedNet Control application for PC and Mac. Mix and monitor in Dolby Atmos® using any combination of the selected eight source groups, in formats ranging from mono through to 12-channel audio and other 7.1.4 immersive formats.

RedNet R1 features Dante-enabled talkback with built-in microphone, and an internal mic preamp for connecting an external mic, with a high-powered headphone output, so you can monitor audio inputs and outputs, and interact with talent in another location. Up to four talkback destination groups are available when used with a Red interface (when used with other Dante devices, a single talkback group is available). There is also a headphone output that will allow you to isolate sources and audition them before playing them in your monitors.

RedNet R1 combined with Red interfaces support up to four monitoring outputs, which means you can listen to your mix in different audio formats at the touch of a button. You can easily fold-down mixes to different formats via the eight available output buttons, ensuring that you maintain a smooth workflow when working with multiple surround formats.


RedNet R1 allows you to have full control of your Red range mic preamps from the convenience of one location, improving speed and workflow. Other features include a footswitch input on quarter-inch jack, for talkback management, LFE muting and more. RedNet R1 can be powered via Ethernet to reduce cabling complexity (using the PoE standard), or by the included DC power supply.

Key Features

• RedNet R1 combined with Focusrite Red interfaces are the first Dante, Pro Tools | HD and Thunderbolt interface system with a source selector and monitor controller.

• Up to eight source groups, each of up to 12 channels, to a maximum of 32 total channels.

• Supported monitor configurations range from mono to 12 channel, 7.1.4 surround sound, allowing you to work in a variety of immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos.

• Flexible monitor controls include level, preset level selection and lock, plus dim, mute and a variety of solo modes.

• Four different output formats mean you can monitor different mixdowns of your current source(s) to ensure quality in each format. Easily fold-down using the output buttons to ensure that you maintain a smooth workflow when working with multiple surround formats.

• RedNet R1 also offers talkback functionality to provide a quick way of communicating with talent in another location.

• Built-in internal microphone, or users can connect their own via the rear-panel XLR.

• Two LCDs display highly accurate level metering of the outputs, sources and headphone outputs, and give visual cues for navigating menus.

• A/B switch for switching between monitoring setups.

• There is also a high-fidelity headphone output that will allow you to isolate sources before playing them in your monitors.

• RedNet Control software with hardware focused workflow is designed for quickly setting up simple or complex configurations.

• Quarter-inch jack footswitch input socket for talkback management, LFE muting and more.

• Powered via Ethernet (using the PoE standard),or using the supplied DC power supply.



RedNet R1's eight source switches allow you to work in a variety of formats such as Dolby Atmos, and other immersive sound environments. You can easily sum, solo, layer, and subtract these sources and hear them on a stereo set of speakers or full immersive array, giving you an improved workflow and controlled functionality at your fingertips. Perfect for ADR and Foley, edit suites and post-production facilities can benefit from the ability to control the remote-controllable mic preamps on the Focusrite Red interfaces, saving space and time.



In the music recording studio scenario, RedNet R1 lets you take control of the remote-controllable mic preamps on Focusrite Red interfaces, so you can keep your interface in the rack and declutter your desktop. The built-in talkback microphone lets you talk with talent in different rooms, and you can check mixes in surround, stereo or mono, on different sets of monitors. Perhaps your recording session is being played on your monitors, but you need to check the vocals. Simply select that source on your headphones and you can listen to the vocals soloed.


About Manufacturer

The Focusrite brand was established way back in 1985 and the founding principles of the company were to develop products that sounded more musical, in addition to just measuring well - today,we still carry these founding principles forward in our class-leading and award-winning designs. We measure our success by the success of you, our clients, and you will find Focusrite product prominent in professional and project studios throughout the world. Based just outside of London, we work with the best design talent throughout the world to bring you the tools to enhance the way you work. Our product is made with pride and principle in a highly automated ISO 9002 factory with significant level of test by engineers who themselves are musicians and understand the part our product plays in your process. Our commitment: We understand that how your project sounds to you is your most important concern. We are totally dedicated and focused on designing and manufacturing product that will enable you to achieve this goal. Our design goals are that product should be easy to use, logically designed, give class-leading performance and give years of predictable performance. We strive to continuously improve ourselves in these respects - our principal concern is meeting your expectations. Our focus on quality is all consuming - it rules our daily life.

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