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Flickinger Velvet Mite 10w Amp and 2x10 Cab - Used - MINT!  From Flickinger

Pure TONE from this simple, hand-wired 10w amp and cab! 2x10 cab is a perfect match for this princeton-based design!


Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!

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Sound Pure's dedication to pre-owned products is unprecedented in the industry. We are a small team of dedicated experts that buys, trades, and consigns. We are trusted by customers all over the world. Our curated collection, is thoroughly tested and inspected by some of the best in the business. Our inventory is constantly changing, ever-evolving, with some items sold before reaching the website. Looking for something specific? Have questions about this product's condition or history? Want more photos, or to simply chat with an expert who's had his hands on this actual piece? Contact us now.
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Flickinger Effects Pedals

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What We Think

I'm adding this to my "hidden gem" section of our inventory. This amp was only out of the shop for about a month, and the customer decided to bring it on by to consign. Not because he didn't love it! Because he has many many amps, and rotates them fairly often. Now someone can get an even better deal on what was already a serious deal! I used the same photos from when it was truly new because it is in the exact same condition!

You've been looking for a low watt american/fender-style amp? Don't want to be lost in a sea of silverface princetons? Get one of the newest and coolest lookin hand-wired 10w amps on the market, right here, for a price you will question. That is, until you plug in, and thank me. and Rich, for building an affordable boutique amp with plenty of character and classic tone for days.

I love the simple functionality of this amp! Breakup varies depending on the guitar used. It loves Les Pauls, but really hits home with strats and tele's. With the middle back panel removed, it can hang with small gigs un-miced. But I recommend micing it at your gigs for best results. Less knobs means less problems, and the purest tone!

Watching the growth of the Flickinger line is a pleasure!  Rich brought in the Velvet Mite amp for Sound Pure to demo before it was available for sale and we were amazed!  This 10 watt amp based on a modified (and hand-wired) princeton is truly an amazing amp with a price that can't be beat.

In a world of 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets, this amazing 2x10 cab provides plenty of punch! We love the Jensen Jet speakers it comes with. Rich tried many speakers before deciding these were a great fit.

Check out all of Flickinger Tone Box products right here- www.soundpure.com/search/flickinger .  We carry the whole line and would be happy to talk to you about what Flickinger products best suit your playing style and budget. Get this mint condition pre-owned amp while it lasts

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SEGAS 2011 - Rich Flickinger's Velvet Mite 10 Watt Amp and Speaker Cabinet

South Eastern Guitar and Amp show 2011 in Raleigh, NC brings together manufacturers and musicians all across the east coast! This video features Rich Flickinger and his Velvet Mite 10 watt amp and cabinet! This amp and cabinet, hand-wired will rock your world! It produces quality tone with wide options and simple functionality; the cabinet has room for your speakers of choice and a removable center panel on the back of the cab. Check out our other Flickinger videos along with the other videos from SEGAS 2011 featuring Moog, Mcpherson Guitars, Wes Lambe, Eastman Guitars, Collings guitars and many more! See you next years at SEGAS 2012!

Manufacturer's Description from Flickinger


Our take on a simple single-ended tweed era amp, minus the tweed! (although if you want tweed cabinets, that is available as a custom feature!)

Check out the specs for details on this new amp from Flickinger!

Flickinger Effects Pedals

About Manufacturer

Each Flickinger Tone Box effect pedal is designed, built, and painted by Richard Flickinger in Raleigh, NC.


  • All Electron Tube circuitry:
    NOS 5Y3 Rectifier
    JJ 6V6GT
    Tung-Sol 12AX7
  • Amp is hand-wired turret board construction, no PCBs
  • Birch-ply head cabinet with durable tolex covering and hand-painted faceplate
  • Made in USA transformers by Magnetic Components, Inc., including a robust oversized 15W output transformer
  • Carbon composition and metal oxide resistors
  • Sprague Atom and Mallory capacitors
  • Volume and Tone controls
  • "Bite" switch selects negative feedback amount
  • 8-ohm speaker output
  • Speaker cable and power cord included

  • Speaker cabinet is solid pine with two Jensen Jets Falcons (40W-10" speakers)
  • Three panel back with removable center panel for closed and open back operation