Avid Artist Mix  From Avid

Extra fader pack that works with the Artist Control or on its own.


What We Think

Avid's Artist Mix is a professional personal studio console designed to be used independently or in conjunction with the Artist Control to give users more control over popular DAW's and Video Edit applications. The Artist Mix is very compact and fits easily between any monitor and keyboard for easy, portable access. Along with the portability, the Artist Mix helps users produce professional quality mixes using its many features that can be expanded with the connection of additional Artist Mix or Artist Control units. The Artist Mix allows you to easily switch between applications without ever touching your mouse and features a high-resolution touch-screen interface, soft keys, motorized faders, and track information all at your fingertips. The Artist Mix runs on a EuCon protocol and is also compatible with most professional DAW's and Video Edit applications, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Digital Performer, and much more. This handy little control service is great for anyone looking for great professional control for audio mixing or any other application on a compact and portable device. 


Avid Mix and Avid Control Demo with Pro Tools 9 - Using Automation Controls Part 2

The Artist Series from Avid (formally Euphonix Artist Series) are versatile audio control interfaces that are also extremely useful in other Pro Applications such as Logic, Final Cut Pro, and many more. The new Eucon support has allowed for even more control with these incredible units. Luke Smith demonstrates how simple it is to write volume automation in Pro Tools 9 on this sample track by Rachelle Ferrell. To talk to a specialist today call SoundPure at 919.682.5552 or 888.528.9703 and learn how beneficial these audio interfaces can be in your studio!

Manufacturer's Description from Avid

With Artist Mix, you gain deep, integrated control over your favorite EUCON-enabled creative applications, such as Pro Tools, Media Composer, Logic, Nuendo, Cubase, Maestro, and more. EUCON carries high-resolution control information for faders, knobs, displays, and more between Artist Control and whatever application is in focus on your computer. This enables you to quickly switch between multiple applications—and even workstations—at the touch of a button, with all controls and displays automatically matching the selected application.

Get accurate and smooth mixing control through four high-quality, motorized, touch-sensitive, 100 mm long throw faders. Easily select tracks for editing just by touching the corresponding fader.

Control everything from panning and gain to plug-in parameters, EQ settings, and more using the eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders, with instant positional feedback displayed on the high-resolution OLED displays.

Easily view track names/numbers, detailed metering data (from mono to 5.1 surround), parameter names/values, current automation mode, and more through eight 128 x 64-pixel OLED displays. Get instant feedback about the item you’re modifying the moment you move the corresponding rotary encoder.

Because Artist Series controllers are modular, you can combine them in a variety of configurations to suit your workflow. Customize your Artist Series system with up to one Artist Control, four Artist Mixes, one Artist Transport, and one Artist Color for total flexibility—up to 36 faders total. Simply clip the units together to form a seamless surface—or use them separately—as each has its own Ethernet connection.


About Manufacturer

From award-winning producers, of music and film, to producers of personal at home productions, Avid creates technology that people use for their music to be heard or videos to be seen on any platform. The shows, commercials, and news programs you watch on TV. The entertaining video and film stories you see on the web and on the big screen.  The personal audio and video treasures that people make at home to preserve their favorite moments in life. Avid has a myriad of products to fill your production needs.


  • 8 touch-sensitive 100 mm long throw motorized faders
  • 8 touch-sensitive rotary encoders
  • 8 high-resolution OLED displays
  • Ethernet connectivity for high-speed, high-resolution control
  • Footswitch jack to punch in and out of recording
  • Supports EUCON, HUI and Mackie Control protocols
  • Controls multiple applications & workstations
  • Slim, compact design for easy studio integration and portability