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Elliott James Duke 357 Surf Green Guitar #JD0054 - Used  From Elliott

James Duke signature in a wonderful Surf Green finish, hardtail and Elliott designed gold foil pickups.


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What We Think

Condition: Used, Mint

An absolutely amazing instrument, fitted with some very special pickups. This particular serial came to us from one of our best customers and favorite collectors and was incredibly well cared for. An absolute steal of a deal on a truly killer instrument!

SP Luthier Notes: Setup

Manufacturer's Description from Elliott

Wood Selection

The wood is selected first and has to meet certain size and grain characteristics to assure all bodies are glued in the same manner, with an offset glue joint at the bottom bout of the guitar. This maintains consistency from one guitar to the next. The upper bout is contoured for a very comfortable feel. The species of wood used for this guitar body is Alder.


Our fretwork is one of the things we are most proud of. We go to the extreme to make sure that your guitar is going to play the best it can. The fingerboard is planed under tension. The fretting process is done with epoxy fretting. We use a special blend of epoxy that makes re-fretting very easy without messing up your fingerboard. This process is used for multiple reasons. One of the advantages to this type of fretting is that you lose the hollow gaps under the fret that you find with the traditional way of fretting. In traditional fretting, with each fret you put on, it is like driving a wedge into the fingerboard, which causes back tension on the neck. With epoxy fretting, all of these issues are eliminated. The epoxy under the frets helps to transfer string vibration throughout the neck to the body, and relieves all stress and tension on the neck that occurs with traditional fretting. This results in a stress-free neck, which allows the truss rod to work properly and to adjust the neck accurately.
Elliott Guitars and Amplifiers

About Manufacturer

People come to our shop all the time and we often hand them one of our guitars to play. A couple hours later they're still playing and realize they're late for something. The reason it's our motto is that it happens a lot. There's a lot behind what we do and why we are creating the product you see. In every aspect, we strive to build guitars that truly inspire players. When you pick one of our guitars up for the first time, we want it to feel as comfortable as if you've played it your whole life. We want that vintage familiarity, but with much more consistency and attention to detail.  Familiar but better.

There are three key factors that drive us as we build: Playability, Tone, and Cosmetics. There are too many guitars out there that lack at least one of these qualities, and our passion is to offer you an anecdote. We love the guitars we build and we love the people who play them. When it comes down to it, we want you to be inspired to play. And play it loud and proud.


Model: James Duke 357

Serial Number: JD0054

Weight: 7.95 lbs

Color: Surf Green w/Racing Stripe

Body Type: Offset M

Body Wood: Alder

Body Finish: Poly

Neck Wood: Straight Grain Flat Sawn Hard Maple

Neck Shape: Mid 60s Fast C .850 - .950

Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood

Neck Finish: Nitro

Truss Rod: Single Action Spoke Wheel

Fret Size: Jescar 0.085 x 0.050

Number of Frets: 21

Fingerboard Radius: 9.5/10/11.5

Nut Width: 1 11/16"

Nut Material: Bone

Pickguard: Lexan Hand Painted

Pickup Neck: Elliot Gold Foil

Pickup Middle:

Pickup Bridge: Elliot Gold Foil

Potentiometers: 250k

Switches: Switchcraft

Jack: Switchcraft

Capacitor: Plessey .022

Wire: Vintage Style Cloth Covered

Hardware Finish: Nickel

Tuning Gears: Gotoh Vintage Style 15:1

Bridge: Elliot Half Hard Brass - Nickel Finish

Trem: Hardtail

Case: SKB Hard Case