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Earthworks Ethos XLR Broadcasting Microphone  From Earthworks

Voice Over Quality XLR Condenser Broadcast Microphone with Supercardioid Polar Pattern and Replaceable Foam Windscreen



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  • Signal Chain
    • Earthworks Ethos XLR Broadcasting Microphone

Manufacturer's Description from Earthworks

Earthworks has built a reputation for delivering impact through authentic presence and clarity — and  while those attributes alone might make for a compelling broadcast mic — ETHOS pushes further  with intimacy and warmth that manages to feel as though it is responding to the charisma of each  voice while simultaneously anticipating the needs of engineers.


Exceptional plosive and noise protection from unwanted audio artifacts 

  • Tight supercardioid polar pattern 

  • Natural, smooth sibilance, with a generous sweet spot and gentle proximity effect • Compact and elegant; easy to mount, position, and clean 

  • Replaceable foam


The Sound of Your Voice 

In audio, our perception of what feels real and natural is incredibly sensitive to resolution in the time  domain. In particular, the level of detail present in the initial transient is responsible for much of our  sense of content, meaning, and frequency balance. This includes defining attributes like “timbre”,  

“texture”, and “air”. Earthworks blazingly fast technology at the core of ETHOS ensures that every  performance sounds like life.  


Cutting Edge Plosive & Wind Noise Protection 

ETHOS is equipped with a windscreen stack that raises the bar for plosive and wind noise protection.  It is easy to clean or to replace and the foam, mesh, and steel combination makes it unlikely to require  additional aftermarket augmentation for even the most zealous vocal personalities. 


Minimal Handling Noise 

ETHOS is naturally resistant to handling noise and thumps thanks to internal dampening and robust  stainless steel construction. The included Triad-Orbit M2-R ball joint mic adaptor allows precise  placement and adjustments and is ideally suited to pair with a heavy mic arm or stand for optimal results. 

  • Plays well with all voices, and offers the flavor of broadcast with the clarity of Earthworks Audio • Reduced listener fatigue through superior intelligibility and natural sound 

  • Designed, tuned, & assembled in the USA 

  • Enhanced time domain accuracy, with an ultra-fast 11.67 microsecond rise time • Extended flat frequency response from 20Hz to 30kHz 



About Manufacturer

Earthworks was formed by David Blackmer, the inventor of dbx, to realize his vision of upgrading the entire audio chain to a new standard of sonic realism. David's goal of creating high definition tools with which to capture the sound and experience of "being there" is based upon a strong evidence that there is more to human hearing than the range of frequencies which can be heard as tones. We are convinced that audio equipment with extended frequency response and faster, cleaner time domain performance will yield more life-like results. Traditional audio methadology appears to be based on working around the limitations, imperfections, and personality quirks of the equipment, and calling the ones you like "assets". WE believe that any part of the audio chain can be improved to the point where the standard is so high that any product meeting it will be indistinguishable from any other product meeting the same standard, and that an audio system built to such standard can achieve sonic reality. This standard, for electronic equipment, is met by our Zero Distortion Technology. We support the concept of recording acoustic events accurately enough to capture the sound as it happened in the room. This approah allows you to make sonic coloration and texture choices later, when you can consider them carefully and still have recourse. Life-like accuracy is the best starting point for whatever unique coloration you may wish to add.


Frequency Response 

  • 20Hz - 30kHz 

Polar Pattern 

  • Supercardioid 

Diaphragm Size 

  • 14mm 


  • 20mV/Pa (-34dBV/Pa) 

Power Requirements 

  • 24-48v Phantom Power, 10mA 

Signal to Noise Ratio 

  • 78dB (A-weighted) 

Peak Acoustic Input 

  • 145dB SPL 


  • XLR (pin 2+)