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DW 4pc Collectors Series Purpleheart Drum Set  From DW Drums

DW's flagship line, the Collector’s Series, are the original US-made custom drums. DW Collector's Purpleheart Series 4-piece Shell Pack with 18x20 kick, 8x10, 9x12 Mounted Tom, and 14x14 Floor Tom - Natural Gloss over purpleheart shells (depth x diameter).


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DW Drums


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What We Think

Purpleheart is an exotic wood with sonic properties that lie somewhere between those of hickory and Bubinga. It is highly desired by hobbyists and craftsmen who use the hard heavy wood in small woodworking projects and musical instruments like guitars. It is very rare to see this beautiful wood in sheets wide enough to produce ply drumsets and so who better than DW could produce these unique instruments. 

Each of these drums is finished with a natural gloss inside and out to showcase the true beauty of this exotic wood and it is complemented with chrome hardware. The craftsmen at DW used the HVLT shell construction to really showcase the sonic beauty of these drums. These thinner shells without reinforcing rings, and the harder density of the Purpleheart, is a recipe for sonic bliss. If you are looking for modern sound and not really wanting to buy "another maple set," give the Purpleheart some serious consideration.

Manufacturer's Description from DW Drums

DW's flagship line, the Collector’s Series, are the original US-made custom drums. For years, drum makers have preferred maple for its resonant tonal qualities. Purpleheart is a non-traditional shell material that provides low-end punch and attack. 

It also features DW’s patented STM (suspension tom mount) system, which allows drums to vibrate independently, allowing maximum resonance while securely holding the drum in place. Because there are no washers or grommets inhibiting the lug rod receiver, choking is reduced and tuning is as easy as ever. To give drummers even more control over their sound, DW created its patented True-Pitch rod system. The rods feature 5mm threads rather than the 12/24 that’s standard on most other drums. To compare, there is 1 thread every 0.8mm on True-Pitch® rods (about 20% more threads), versus 1 thread every 1.05mm on most other drums. The result is a more exacting tuning process.

DW Drums

About Manufacturer

Drum Workshop has been one of the forefront companies that has helped propel drum hardware and custom drum manufacturing. For over forty years, their innovations and tireless dedication in pedals, hardware, and drum-making have continued to change the way drummers think about and approach drumming. To this day, DW pedals and hardware have raised the standards by which all others are measured. 

DW also continues to expand their custom drum offerings with a variety of shell designs, tonewoods, and countless finish options to truly personalize your sonic vision. Whether you are designing something for home use or the rigors of the road, DW's allegiance to improving the way drum products are made continues to inspire generations of drummers. Through passion and innovation, DW has become the Drummer's Choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.




DW Purpleheart Collectors Drum Set Features:

  • Purpleheart shells
  • DW suspension tom mounts 
  • True-Pitch rod system w/5mm threads
  • Made in the USA
  • Chrome hardware
  • Drum sizes-18x 20" BD, 8x10, 9x12" TT, 14x14" FT

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