Dusky Electronics Octomotron - Octave Fuzz  From Dusky

A simple octave fuzz with tons of character

Dusky Electronics

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What We Think

New kid on the block Dusky Electronics hits us with a great octave fuzz box with serious style! Great graphics, awesome Blue light in the center of the clear knob, and so much crazy, crunchy, fuzzy qualities, you'll be writing new music in no time.

Get those Hendrix-like tones and new experimental fuzz tone from this great new pedal that's made right down the street from the SoundPure shop!

Manufacturer's Description from Dusky

The Octomotron Fuzz is a new look at the classic octave fuzz circuit. Designed without reference to a particular pedal or circuit, the Octomotron has its own voice--brash and synthy. 

Adjusting your guitar's volume knob opens a dramatic range of timbres, making the pedal far more versatile than you might guess from its simplistic controls. A single glowing knob controls the output volume, and a switch to provides a subtle bass boost--which can take you from a classic octave fuzz voicing to a saturated synthy sound.

The Octomotron also features a specially designed FET input buffer that isolates your signal from whatever's upstream in your signal path. Unlike vintage fuzzes--which sound very different depending on whether your guitar is plugged directly into it, or if you have another pedal or a buffer in front of it--the Octomotron sounds the way it's supposed to regardless of where it is in your effects chain.

And, the Octomotron sounds great on bass too!

Dusky Electronics


Effect Type Octave Fuzz

Controls Volume Knob, Bass Boost Switch

Battery 9V

External Power Supply 9-18V (not provided)

Robot Octopus Design Yes