Duesenberg Doozy! One Combo Amplifier  From Duesenberg

20watt, Class A/B, Reverb, 1x12 Combo

Duesenberg Guitars

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What We Think

Great blackface style amp! Funky pyramid shaped front grill is sure to stand out on stage and your friends will think you have a rare vintage amp! One things for sure- It sounds the part!

Good amount of clean headroom, and the Doozy One really shine with some drive dialed in.

We like that it has a footswitch for the lush reverb. Nice touch Duesenberg!

This is the last Doozy One we will have access to, so be sure to call or email Sound Pure with any questions you may have

Manufacturer's Description from Duesenberg

Pure Class A/B all tube amp single channel with spring reverb.

Featuring our "Master / Non Master volume" The "Doozy one" is hand-wired in the old traditional way, with the precision of German engineering.

This Doozy will only remind you of that Tone from days gone past.

Duesenberg Guitars

About Manufacturer

Duesenberg Guitars exploded on the scene a few years ago and have been turning heads ever since. These days everyone is playing a Duesey, from Mike Campbell to Bob Dylan to Ronnie Wood. The build quality and price-point are hard to argue with. Here at Sound Pure we always have a healthy stock of Duesenbergs and are happy to special order if our inventory does not suit your needs.

In a unique way Dieter Goelsdorf's Duesenberg design consolidates guitar construction, features and sounds which have written music history. The art deco style design of headstock, pickguard and metal components gives Duesenberg its own eye-catching look, while the body design bases on the old traditional Jazz guitars like being built from the 40s in Europe and in the USA. These design elements are combined with the best possible electric guitar construction values of the 50s: Grand Vintage Alnico pickups, classical Fender scale length plus a Gibson-like fingerboard radius. Most of the vintage-style tailpieces, bridges, tremolos, pickups and controls come with greatly improved details. The light weight plus comfortable position of controls of these stage and studio guitars provide a distinctive playing performance and handling for the most demanding player.


• 12 Zoll Eminence speaker

• 19mm Baltic birch plywood housing

• Twin color black and cream tolex, gold piping

• Wide 3-band tone controls

• Master volume

•  20 Watt Class AB Hi-End vintage sound

• Point to point wiring

• Tube-driven Accutronics spring reverb

• 2x 6v6 power tubes, 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes

• 1x 12AT7 phase driver

•  Switch able pre-gain V1 + V2 of the first tube degree

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