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DPA 5100 Mobile 5.1 Surround Mic  From DPA (B&K)

Plug-and-play surround sound

DPA Microphones (Bruel & Kjaer)


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Manufacturer's Description from DPA (B&K)

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • All-in-One 5.1 Recording

  • Analog Output

  • DiPMic Technology

  • Omni Pickup Pattern

  • Lemo Output Connector

  • Mogami Breakout Cable Included


The 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone is a completely self-contained plug-and-play solution for 5.1 audio capture. It brings engaging surround ambience to sport events, documentaries and other HDTV productions. This microphone is versatile and can be mounted in many ways:, microphone stand, suspended from the ceiling or via a handgrip. It is lightweight and portable. It can also withstand inclement weather conditions due to its robust nature.

The 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone uses five miniature pressure transducers. These transducers have low sensitivity to wind and mechanical noise, low distortion and low frequency response. They also have a large dynamic range.  

The three front microphones in this system are time aligned to eliminate comb filtering. This also ensures frequency consistency when down mixing to stereo or mono. In contrast, the rear microphones, with standard omnidirectional patterns, are optimally spaced from both each other and the front array to simulate the most natural time arrival differences. The end result of DPA’s innovative design approach is a surround atmosphere that is rich, smooth and fully enveloping, great in its coherence, channel separation and localization accuracy. The 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone requires no external signal processing.

This solution is targeted at surround sound recording for film, live, broadcast and studio applications. Using full surround sound is an amazing way to record a symphony. Most orchestras are a self-balancing phenomena – each instrumental part can be heard without the need for additional miking. As well, acoustic reflections and a sense of acoustic space are an important aspect of the sound of an orchestra - just as much as the instruments themselves.
For sports applications, the 5100 is easy to set up. It is a no worry, 5.1-ambience solution that is placed centrally to cover the main camera shot and backed up by the usual spot mics for additional effects.
The 5.1 output of the microphone runs through a multipin Lemo connector. This connector carries all six electronically-balanced channels.
The microphone comes with:
- A five-meter (16 ft), six-pair Mogami cable that breaks out to six Neutrik XLR-M connectors.
- An Outdoor Cover (OC5100) that protects the 5100 against rain and reduces wind noise.
DPA Microphones (Bruel & Kjaer)

About Manufacturer

DPA Microphones A/S is a leading manufacturer of high quality condenser microphones and microphone solutions for professional applications in studio, broadcast, theatre, video/film, houses of worship, teleconference and sound reinforcement environments.


Directional pattern:  Directional

Principle of operation:  Pressure, with interferece tube and separation baffles

Cartridge type:  Pre-polarized condenser

Frequency response:  L, C, R, LS, RS: 20 Hz to 20 kHz; LFE: 20 Hz to 120 Hz

Effective frequency range ±2 dB:  L, C, R: 200 Hz to 16 kHz; LS, RS: 100 Hz to 12 kHz; LFE: 20 Hz to 120 Hz

Sensitivity, nominal, ±3 dB at 1 kHz:  L, C, R: 26 mV/Pa; LS, RS: 28 mV/Pa

Equivalent noise level, A-weighted:  L, C, R: Typ. 18 dB(A) (max. 21 dB(A)); LS, RS: Typ. 20 dB(A) (max. 23 dB(A))

Equivalent noise level, ITU-R BS.468-4:  L, C, R: Typ. 29 dB (max. 32 dB); LS, RS: Typ. 31 dB (max. 34 dB)

Distortion, THD < 1%:  120 dB SPL RMS, 123 dB SPL peak

Dynamic range:  L, C, R, LS, RS: 103 dB; LFE: 100 dB

Max. SPL, THD 10%:  132 dB SPL peak

Rated output impedance:  50 Ω

Cable drive capability:  100 m (328 ft)

Output balance principle:  Active Signal balanced

Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR):  > 60 dB, 50 Hz - 20 kHz

Power supply (for full performance):  P48 (Phantom Power)

Current consumption:  Typ. 5 mA (max. 5.5 mA)

Connector:  Lemo multipin

Color:  Black

Weight:  500 g (17.6 oz)

Microphone diameter:  W: 240 mm (9.4 in), H: 140 mm (5.5 in), D: 195 mm (7.7 in)

Capsule diameter:  5.4 mm (0.21 in)

Cable length:  5 m (16.4 ft)

Cable color:  Black

Cable diameter:  9.3 mm (0.37 in)

Maximum output voltage:  L, C, R, LS, RS: 1,8 Vrms / 2,5 Vpeak; LFE: 1 Vrms / 1,4 Vpeak

Polarity:  +V at pin 2 for positive sound pressure

Temperature range:  -40°C to 45°C (-40°F to 113°F)

Relative humidity (RH):  Up to 90%