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DPA 4041 T Omnidirectional Tube Microphone  From DPA (B&K)

DPA Microphones (Bruel & Kjaer)

Manufacturer's Description from DPA (B&K)

The Type 4041-T is an omnidirectional microphone that uses the 24mm (1in) Modular Microphone Cartridge MMC4041 with the MMP4000-T Tube Preamplifier which offers a slight musical coloration of the recording. The cartridge MMC4041 can be unscrewed from the preamplifier which allows for the exchange of the preamplifier module. The frequency response from 10Hz to 20kHz with a 4-6 dB soft boost around 8kHz matches the response of the highly acclaimed Type 4040 Hybrid Microphone. The 4041-T is powered via the standard HMA4000 Microphone Amplifier (not included with the 4041-S), a microphone system that offers a totally transformerless audio path with an exceptionally low noise floor of maximum 10dB(A) and a SPL handling capability of 144dB SPL peak.

DPA Microphones (Bruel & Kjaer)

About Manufacturer

DPA Microphones A/S is a leading manufacturer of high quality condenser microphones and microphone solutions for professional applications in studio, broadcast, theatre, video/film, houses of worship, teleconference and sound reinforcement environments.


*Principle of operation: Pressure

*Cartridge type: 24mm (1in) condenser w. stainless steel diaphragm

*Frequency range: 10Hz - 20kHz -2dB with 4 - 6dB soft boost at 8 kHz

*Equivalent noise level A-weighted: Max. 10dB(A) re. 20 Pa

*Sensitivity: Nominally 85 mV/Pa -2dB

*Equiv. noise level ITU-R BS.468-4: Max. 22dB

* Total harmonic distortion (THD): 120dB SPL peak (<0.5% THD)

*Preamplifier frequency range: 20Hz to 50kHz (-0.2dB)

*Preamplifier output impedance: Matches HMA4000 input

*Preamplifier cable drive capability: With HMA4000: Up to 300m (984ft)

*Microphone length: 170mm (6.69in)

*Maximum sound pressure level: 144dB SPL peak before clipping

*Weight: 190g (6.7oz)