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Dizengoff Audio D4 Tube Preamp  From Dizengoff

Single-channel tube preamp based off of the beloved sound of used to record the Beatles and Pink Floyd throughout the 1960's! Hand assembled in the US, the D4 offers a warm, balanced tone and fantastic build quality at an impressively affordable price point!


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Dizengoff Audio

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What We Think

Dizengoff is making a name for themselves by bringing high quality and FANTASTIC sounding gear to the market at a price that will leave you wondering how they did it... How did they do it?  In the case of the D4, it was finding the right components to get that Vintage British tube sound at a price under $1k.  

The unit delivers on the sound promise.  This is not the flabby, soupy, muddy sounding preamps you expect from the sub $1k category.  This is an entirely different beast.  It brings detail without being harsh, warmth without being over the top and just shines on a variety of different sources from warming up a vocal to getting the detail of an acoustic guitar.  You can certainly push the preamp into some nice color and a bit of fuzz, but the magic is in how big of a sweet spot the unit has before it goes into "overload".  We really struggled to make this unit sound bad.

Manufacturer's Description from Dizengoff

The Dizengoff D4 is a tribute to a rare and much loved British tube console from the 1960’s. The original circuit was designed by the Recording Engineering Development Department as a replacement for the Siemens V72S amp cards used in an earlier British console.  It featured three gain settings (+36, +40, and +46), and a ‘fine trim’ knob that allowed the user to trim gain by a few dB.  The D4 has expanded that range from +20 up to +60 using a 12 step rotary attenuator.  Like the original design, the D4 ‘trim’ control allows the user to fine tune the gain by 2-4dB depending upon the gain switch setting.
The sound is huge and open–heard on albums recorded by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Zombies between 1964 and 1968.  It has incredible detail, and the kind of wonderful coloration that only an EF86 pentode can deliver.  It’s often considered to be the sound of John Lennon’s “Revolution,” which used two console channels in series to achieve an overdriven sound.
Signal path transformers are custom wound right here in Chicago.  They’re based on the transformers used in the original, but they take advantage of modern materials.  The input transformer is a hi-nickel (80% nickel content) and the output transformer is a lo-nickel (50% nickel) for excellent fidelity.
The power supply is internal.  It’s built around a Japanese Nippo Steel R-core power transformer.  It has extremely high efficiency and low noise compared with traditional E-I core transformers and plays a significant part in achieving the D4’s low noise performance.


  • 2U aluminum chassis
  • IEC power inlet
  • XLR input and output
  • DI input
  • 12 position stepped gain control, 20-60dB
  • Trim control, for fine adjustment of gain
  • 20dB pad
  • +48v phantom power
  • phase reverse
Dizengoff Audio

About Manufacturer

In Dizengoff's words, they "love to build affordable tributes to classic recording gear based on the original circuitry, but with a Chicago-inspired twist." That means they source as much of their materials from right in Chicago as they possibly can--from their Peerless and EMI-inspired signal transformers to their power transformers to their enclosures and knobs. The goal is to deliver affordable recreations of some of the most sought-after tube gear used on countless records.


  • Frequency response 20Hz-60kHz
  • THD+N at 1Khz: 1%,+4dBU, 10-24kHz bandwidth
  • S/N -90dBA at maximum (+60dB) gain, 10-24kHz bandwidth