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Disaster Area Designs DMC-3XL MIDI Controller - Cascade Blue  From Disaster Area

Expand your Strymon pedals' capabilities with this powerful MIDI-controller!

Disaster Area Designs

Discontinued, No Longer Available

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Sometimes we will get our hands on a leftover or used unit.

Our experts can recommend to you the best alternative for your needs and keep in touch about used arrivals.

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What We Think

If you're looking to capture the incredible depth that your Strymon or Eventide units have to offer, look no further than Disaster Area Designs. The Disaster Area controllers are designed with both ease of use and powerful levels of control in mind. Want to trigger multiple presets on your Strymon Timeline, Bigsky, and Eventide M9? Save a patch to the controller and turn on your light chorus, slapback delay, and drippy spring reverb sounds at the touch of a button!

And to add to the awesomeness, Disaster Area Designs products are built right down the road! If you don't see something in stock or don't see a color offered, contact us and we can get it ordered up for you!

Manufacturer's Description from Disaster Area

DMC-3XL Gen2

The DMC-3XL Gen2 is the next generation compact MIDI controller from Disaster Area.

The Gen2 pedals all feature advanced USB MIDI connectivity in addition to their 5-pin standard MIDI ports.  This allows them to not only control your MIDI pedals but also to interface with your DAW or other MIDI software, iPad, and more.

The standard firmware for the DMC-3XL Gen2 and DMC-4 Gen2 controls the Strymon Timeline plus one additional MIDI device.  The second MIDI device is selected in the DMC setup menu.  The available devices include:  Strymon Mobius, Strymon BigSky, Line 6 M5, Eventide H9 (also compatible with Timefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor, and Space,) and Disaster Area DPC-5.  Pick this firmware if you have one or two MIDI pedals.

The TRINITY firmware is designed to control three MIDI devices.  Pick this if you have Timeline, Mobius, and BigSky.  Also works for two Strymon pedals and one Eventide pedal.

One MIDI cable is required for each MIDI device you wish to control.  No MIDI cables are included, but they are available separately from our online store.

The rear-panel expression pedal input is able to control expression, looper volume level, activate a favorite preset or the infinite repeat / freeze, or send tap tempo.  An optional side roller is available, which may be used to control expression or looper volume level.  The side roller defeats the rear panel jack if used.

The DMC-3XL Gen2 can control your MIDI pedal devices, including the Strymon Timeline, Mobius, and BigSky, the Eventide Factor series, Space, and H9, and the Line 6 M-Series.  Firmware features vary by connected device, but most versions have the following feature set:

Disaster Area Designs



  • Sturdy cast aluminum enclosure
  • Enclosure Dimensions 4.78″ x 2.61″ x 1.40″
  • Soft-touch footswitches
  • Blue LED display with 4 brightness levels
  • 8-pin MIDI port, phantom power compatible
  • 9vDC power jack, 64mA max
  • USB port with USB-MIDI functionality
  • USB-MIDI is class-compliant and requires no drivers on Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • USB-MIDI is iPad compatible with the Camera Connection Kit
  • USB-MIDI acts as MIDI interface for your Mac, PC, iPad – MIDI transmits from computer or iPad to 5-pin jack.
  • Works as a USB MIDI interface for updating firmware on most MIDI devices
  • 1/4″ jack for expression pedal or tap tempo switch
  • Optional side roller assignable to expression or looper level