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Daking Comp 500-Series VCA Compressor/Limiter  From Daking

High performance professional Compressor/Limiter compatible with 500 series racks.

Daking Audio

Daking 500 Series Overview

Video description of the Daking 500 series recording system, including the Mic Pre 500, Comp 500, and EQ 500

Manufacturer's Description from Daking

The Daking Comp 500 is a simple to use VCA compressor/ limiter in a 500 series format. Although it is a VCA, it behaves and sounds much like the FET circuitry found in the other Daking compressors.  Relying on his years of experience and testing, Geoff has designed a simple semi-automatic compressor useful for both tracking and mixing.
The compression is set with one knob-- less compression or more compression. Attack is switchable between fast and slow, and Release is switchable between fast and Auto. Ratio is about 4:1 (comp) or 20+:1 (limit).
The stereo link is very accurate and can link up to 6 units if necessary.


• Ultra Flexible and Easy to Use
• Fast and Transparent
• High Headroom
• Class “A” Circuitry
• Discrete Transistors
• Single-Sided Amplifiers
• Lead Free
• Rohs Compliant
• Low Current Draw

Daking Audio

About Manufacturer

Geoff Daking, long a premier name in the recording industry, has used his extensive experience in recording and studio setup to create a line of studio products whose sound quality and workmanship are second to none. Factor in their reasonable cost and Daking's excellent product support, and you have a value unmatched in the pro audio industry today.


Bypass:        Hardwire Bypass
Ratio:           3:1 Compression & 15:1 Limiting
Attack:         Fast 1ms & 16ms Slow
Release:      .5ms & Auto Dual Time Constant Compex Auto
Stereo Link:  Accurately link any number of units
Meter:          8 Segments with Gain Reduction & Output with vu Ballistics and Floating Peak