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Analog effects processor 

DACS Audio


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Manufacturer's Description from DACS

Produce pumping tracks that stand out from the crowd with the FwS FREQue II (pronounced "freak"), a genuinely new and inspirational analogue effects processor.

"In a world filled with plug-ins that do everything, the FREQue II is a processor that few, if any, plug-ins can emulate. The FREQue II is truly a sound designer’s dream. It’ll chew up program material like nothing else out there!" (Alex Artaud review)

The Effects:

With low frequency modulation inputs:
Simple to complex autopan effects, gating, amplitude modulation, flanging, spatialising

With mid frequency modulation inputs:
Vocoding type effects, adding tunable harmonics, both lower down to subsonic, and up to supersonic, second harmonic distortion (like valves/tubes), harmonising, retuning percussion, gating, general rich distortion, Sci-Fi voices (eg a Dalek)

With high frequency modulation inputs:
Transposition with distortion, adding glitter, air, sparkle etc when mixed back into original

With music or sounds into both inputs:
Vocoding effects, gating effects, fattening/thickening effects, spatial effects, weird transformations

Internal FM:
Frequency Modulation of modulation oscillator at all frequencies, giving effects ranging from slow pulsation to the classic FM generation of complex waveforms

External voltage control of oscillators:
Envelope follower effects, FM effects as above, randomised autopanning

Frequency shift:
Up and down shift of frequency with change in harmonic structure, with FM for sliding effects, using feedback loop to create filter type sweeps

DACS Audio

About Manufacturer

Our users have told us that we make some of the best audio equipment in the world. It enables engineers to take their music to any recording medium in the simplest, clearest way. When you buy our equipment you are buying a hand made, world class audio tool that will give you trouble free service for many years to come. You pay for DACS' products, not a name; we add value through high levels of performance and long term reliability and serviceability, but above all through sonic and functional Clarity. DACS have crystallized years of experience into a range of elegantly simple high performance units, all hand made. Where it benefits audio performance or long term reliability we use more expensive components and time consuming processes. Our range of visually striking, well engineered devices will last well into the 21st century, achieving levels of performance that digital technology and much analogue technology aspires to today.?


Spectral Controls on MUSIC input


Bass filter (shelving) ±12dB gain from around 80Hz@6dB/8ve


Treble filter (shelving) ±12dB gain from around 8kHz@6dB/8ve


Pressed in this activates Spectral Controls



¼" jack, three pole (balanced), Tip /in phase, Ring cold/reverse phase, sleeve 0V


Optimum results occur with input levels of +2dBu to +12dBu, maximum input level > +12dBu

Freq Response

Music inputs <20Hz to >35 kHz, modulator input DC to >35kHz




Module8ion Input - this feeds one side of Ring Mod


Main Input - this feeds the other side of Ring Modulator if spectral controls are activated they vary the spectrum of this input


MOD in +10dBm with no MUSIC signal, MOD out <-65dBm maximum, typically <-70dBm, same for MUSIC signal with no MOD



¼" jack, three pole, as above


Oscillator output at ca +12dBu


For input levels of +4dBu to +12dBu output will be around1 +4dBu - +12dBu, maximum output level around 65kHz

Freq Response

Flat from DC to a -3dB point at around 65kHz

Signal to noise

-82dB (equivalent to a good mic set to medium gain)



Varies around centre frequency by ca 5%


Varies centre frequency over selected range


Selects from 4 ranges -  [0.2Hz-9Hz, 2Hz-90Hz, 20Hz-900Hz and 380Hz-11kHz]




                                  CV Inputs

CV Inputs to each oscillator on ¼" jacks (unbalanced), 0-15V, V/Hz characteristics

OSC Outs

Output for both oscillators @ +12dBu

1 The modulation process involves the interaction of both inputs, and as such it is impossible to predict exact output levels





FREQue II Application Notes

FREQue II User Manual