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Crane Song IBIS Stereo EQ  From Crane Song

One of the most musical and well-built Stereo Discrete Class A EQ's on the market

Crane Song


"Experience the Difference"

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What We Think

Like all things from the mind of Dave Hill, the Ibis has all the standard features you could ever need PLUS the ability to add a little magic. The Ibis starts out as an incredibly detailed 4-band fully parametric EQ with a clean and musical tone. Everything from a wider Q for a more wide-stroke manipulations to very narrow, laser-focused carving, the Ibis delivers what you want for tracking, mix buss and mastering.

Where things get interesting: you have the ability to add variable color to one frequency band, or ALL bands. Want to take some harshness out of a vocal? Add the color in the upper-mids to ease off some edge. Want to add thick texture to the low-end of your EDM mix? Throw some color on the low-band. The ability of this EQ to control the color on any band, all bands, or run it clean, opens up a tremendous amount of flexibility for handfuls of applications and nearly any genre. 

Manufacturer's Description from Crane Song

IBIS is an analog equalizer that boldly takes equalization to a new level of musicality. Each of its four bands features switch-selectable frequencies centered on and covering musical-step intervals from 32-Hz "C" to 22.35-kHz "F." Its four overlapping bands are labeled with note names and frequency allowing for the first time a "translation" between musician-speak and engineer-jargon. The bandwidth control has similar notation with adjustment from 0.2 octave to 4 octaves per band and a boost / cut range of 12 dB.

The low-cut filter is switch selectable from 20-Hz to 150-Hz with slopes of either 12-dB or 24-dB per octave. Like most Crane Song products, IBIS utilizes discrete class-A circuitry and features a truly unique and adjustable "color" function that can be applied to either the entire audio path or to any individual frequency band. A fully stepped mastering version is also available.

Crane Song

About Manufacturer

Designer Dave Hill has always had an interest in electronics, and started designing and building devices at an early age. He was building synthesizers from scratch and started doing professional level sound recording and equipment maintenance at a local music store while still in school. After high school Dave decided to pursue a career in electronics and enrolled in a course at a local community college. After his first semester he was asked by the college to take over teaching the course. He taught for 8 years and continued his involvement in pro audio. To date Dave has been doing studio and film sound recording since 1972. He has also been involved in film post production. Early in the 1980's Dave was asked by a used equipment dealer if he could design a tube compressor that would have the sound of the older tube type devices and still be clean enough to compete with modern devices. The result of this request was the Summit Audio TLA-100. Due to the success of that design Dave Hill went on to design and set up the manufacture of all Summit Audio products until September of 1994 at which time Summit Audio was relocated the manufacturing to California. From 1984 to 1994 Summit Audio grew from a single product and one employee working out of the basement of Dave's home to a full product line and over a dozen fulltime employees. Beginning in August of 1995, several of those key members of the Summit production crew began working for Dave again in his new company called Crane Song. After the move of Summit Audio, Dave wanted to keep the production crew together and start a new company. First he designed a tube playback pre-amp for the ATR-102 tape machine called the HDV-2. This is now being manufactured for the ATR Service Company by Crane Song. Next Dave designed a two channel discrete class A compressor-limiter, called the STC-8. The Today the Crane Song family of products has grown to five; *HEDD (Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device), FLAMINGO stereo mic preamp, TRAKKER, single channel compressor, and the new SPIDER 8 channel mic preamp, mixer, A/D convertor which has recently joined the family. Crane Song Ltd. is able to provide the highest level of quality due to the many years of experience of both Dave and the people who have stayed with him. Some of these employees have worked with Dave since 1988 and continue to have an intense interest in developing the best audio devices possible. Crane Song's combination of innovative design and uncompromising attention have helped the company make its mark in the professional audio world.


Input: Floating, balanced. Maximum input is +25 dBm. The connectors are XLR.

Output: Floating, balanced. Maximum output is +25 dBm. The connectors are XLR.

Input and Output Connections: Pin 2 is Sig + , Pin 3 is Sig- , Pin 1 is GND

Power: 100, 120, 230,240 volt; 50/60 Hz; 55 watts
MDL .6A Fuse for 100V and 120V
MDL .3A Fuse for 230V and 240V

Noise: Measured with the eq set flat and the bandwith controls at max -85dbm

Clipping: +25 dbm

Distortion: With the eq set flat measured at +20 dbm 0.001%

Pilot Lamp: # 327

Shipping Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)

Depth Behind Panel: 12.5 inches (31.75 cm) plus cabling

Panel Height: 2 rack spaces

Frequencies: There are 24 frequencies per band for a total of 96 frequencies with the bands overlapping. They are stepped on both the mastering and standard units.

Boost-Cut: The standard equalizer has a range to plus or minus 12 db on each band. The Mastering version has a range of plus or minus 6 db This is stepped 0.5 db steps to 5 db and a 1 db step to 6db on the mastering version.

Bandwith: Bandwidth in octaves is measured at full boost. The maximum is 4 octaves and a minimum is 0.2 octaves. This is a Q range from 0.15 to 17. On the mastering unit this is stepped with 12 steps

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IBIS Manual

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