Collings C10 Custom Maple Cutaway #21345 - Used  From Collings

A beautiful C10 Maple Custom from Collings!


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When's the last time you saw a maple neck on an acoustic, much less one this pretty?  Do just a little playing on this thing and the question quickly becomes not "when" but "why not"?!  This is a mean, mean fingerstyle guitar.  Maple has a crispy, focused response to begin with, but the continuity of maple from headstock to lower bout lends volume and what I can only describe as thickness to the tone.  It's rare to find a guitar of this size that can support the heavy attack and high volume that this custom seems to revel in--flatpickers, that means you're gonna have fun with this, too! The bass range is muscular but articulate, the mids are bigger and more open than you would expect from this body style to begin with, and the highs range from searing to sweet, depending on what your right hand's doing.  A deep cutaway gives you plenty of room to show off--with a guitar this unique and downright cool, how can you not?! 

Condition: Used, Excellent

Manufacturer's Description from Collings

Based on guitars first introduced around the same time as the OM, the Collings C10 is a leaner alternative, with the narrow waist and small upper bout resulting in a precise, focused response. Of all our acoustic models, the C10 is perhaps the easiest for electric guitarists to adapt to, thanks in part to the more rounded neck profile. The small oval neck heel is ideally suited to the optional cutaway, which allows unrestricted access to the upper frets. With its unique shape and asymmetrical headstock's lines echoed in the curvilinear pickguard, C10 models offer a welcome alternative for those who find that most small acoustic guitars look too much alike.

Collings Guitars

About Manufacturer

Sound Pure is a proud dealer of Collings Acoustics, Electrics, and Mandolins, with a large inventory and new guitars arriving regularly.  Each instrument in stock is professionally photographed, and we have video reviews with studio-quality sound and HD video quality.

Bill Collings has been inspiring generations of guitarists with his fine guitars and mandolins since the 1970s. After dropping out of medical school to pursue his interest in guitar building, he moved to Austin, Texas where he and his company, Collings Guitars, operate to this day.  From his humble beginnings as a one-man operation in a two-bedroom apartment to his current 22,000 square-foot facility and approximately 70 employees, Collings has built a reputation for producing high quality instruments with care and precision. 

Perhaps best known for flat-top acoustic guitars, Collings excels in a variety of classic-inspired designs and modern build concepts. Their D series guitars represent their take on the iconic 14-fret square-shouldered dreadnought and include the highly-favored D1 and D2H models with mahogany and rosewood back and sides respectively. These guitars are extremely well-balanced and have a strong reputation for reliability and consistently becoming stronger as the woods open up over time. The CW models in this series feature Adirondack tops, larger sound holes, and other specs especially coveted by bluegrass flat pickers for their volume and responsiveness. The Collings OM series guitars tend to be lively, balanced, and lyrical. These guitars are hugely popular amongst fingerstyle players for their dynamic sensitivity, size, and playability. One of the most versatile acoustic guitar designs, Collings OMs can also handle heavy strumming and flat picking easily when the player needs to dig in. The CJ is a fantastic slope-shouldered dreadnought, and the SJ is their incredible small jumbo design. Collings also makes astounding parlor-style 0, 00, 000, and Baby guitars, which are perfect for performance or travel and offered with the same variety of options as the larger lines for true customization of tone and appearance. Rounding out Collings’ acoustic lines is the C10, which is modeled after a parlor guitar but with a design concept that makes it a favorite of electric players.

Collings is ahead of the pack in the acoustic guitar game, but it certainly does not end there. Their electric guitars are highly regarded amongst players across the entire spectrum of musical traditions. Designed and built with the same knowledge and attention to detail as the flat-tops, Collings electrics are quickly gaining recognition as contending with the best of the best of electric guitars. Hard rockers and country pickers and everyone in between can find a Collings electric to fit their style, from the Les Paul-inspired shapes of the 290, 360, and CL series to the semi-hollow I-35s and SoCo Deluxe models. Collings also offers A and T-style mandolins, as well as concert and tenor ukuleles. 


Every Collings instrument has been built with the same standard of craftsmanship and quality that any discerning musician deserves to experience in the tools they select for their musical journey. At Sound Pure, we believe that the tools you equip yourself with can either enhance or hinder you on your journey, so we make it our job to research and choose what we find to be the very best instruments for our clients. We are confident that any Collings guitar that leaves the shop will meet their standards, as well as ours. If you find that we do not currently have the exact specs you need we are happy to make custom orders for our customers to build their own dream guitar.



Serial Number: 21345

Custom Cutaway

Top Wood:  Sitka Spruce

Back Wood:  Maple

Neck Wood:  Maple

Fretboard:  Ebony

Neck Profile:  Medium-fat "C" Neck Shape
Scale:  25 1/2"
Bracing:  Pre-war Scalloped Bracing

Nut Width:  1 3/4"

Nut Material:  Bone

Frets To Body:  14

Body Depth:  4 1/4"

Lower Bout Width:  14 3/4"

High gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish

Bridge:  Ebony Straight Style

Saddle Material:  Bone

Saddle Spacing:  2 3/16"

Bridge Pins:  Ebony

Headstock Shape:  Square

Headstock Overlay:  Ebony

Headstock Inlay:  Collings Logo

Tuners:  Nickel Schaller Mini-tuners

Inlays:  Mother of Pearl Dot Fingerboard Inlays

Rosette:  Tortoise Rosette

Purfling:  Black/White Wood Purfling

Body Binding:  Tortoise

Fretboard Binding:  Tortoise

Headstock Binding:  Tortoise

Backstrip:  1-style Walnut Backstrip

Pickguard:  Tortoise-style Pickguard

Case:  Hardshell Case Included