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Church Amps Model 56 "Stella" Cypress/Wenge 1x12 Combo  From Church Amps

Andy Church's tribute to the beloved amps of yesteryear sounds every bit as good as it looks! 

Church Hand-Built Amplifiers

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What We Think

Incredibly organic and singing tone!

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In this video, Sound Pure Electric Guitar Specialist Eddie Berman tests out a Collings I-35 Aged Goldtop w/ ThroBak Pickups #1693 with a Church Amps Model 56 "Stella" Cypress/Wenge 1x12 C

Manufacturer's Description from Church Amps

The CHURCH Model 56 is a premium all tube 14-watt hand built guitar amplifier based on the venerable Fender Deluxe® 5E3 originally produced from 1955-1960.  The design’s apparent simplicity belies the vast range of wonderfully complex sounds it produces. Renowned for its early breakup and richly saturated overdriven tone, the 5E3 has long been a top choice for demanding players.

The Model 56 is a reinterpretation of the 5E3 optimized for today’s stage and studio demands.  Slightly louder and considerably less noisy than the original, the extremely responsive CHURCH Model 56 delivers sonic depth, clarity, and focus, along with strong transients and a three-dimensional quality that brings out the best in every player and instrument.

Each component of the Model 56 has been carefully chosen to deliver the best possible sound and performance.  Many components exceed original 5E3 specifications, making for a vintage-inspired amp that is robust, reliable, ready for years of great music making.

Church Hand-Built Amplifiers

About Manufacturer

I build each amplifier by hand using the finest materials and techniques.

I have worked as a full-time professional in music for well over 30 years--in the studio, on stage, and behind the counters at several top-level musical instrument retailers. I have bought and sold more guitars and amps than I could ever calculate. The move into amp building was a natural fit for me, one that combines my musical interests and my love of great tone with my fascination for building and design. I initially built a few amplifiers for myself, then thanks to some very positive feedback I decided to expand into building amplifiers for others.

I am not a scientist, an electrical engineer, or even a trained woodworker. I am a musician who has spent a lifetime learning as much as possible about what goes into making great music. I've been lucky to work with some incredibly brilliant people along the way, who taught me nearly everything I know! I continue to learn with every new amplifier I set out to build.

I make these amplifiers one at a time, start to finish, paying a great deal of attention to every detail. Once complete I test each amp extensively with a number of guitars to make sure the cabinet, speaker, and tubes are working well together. Having heard how good this circuit can sound, I know what I'm looking for in each amp, and I keep a good supply of speakers and tubes on hand so I can tweak each one until it sounds its best.

Instead of using serial numbers to identify my amplifiers, I give each one a name--a nice way to honor someone special to me, and a unique way to remind myself that each creation is more than just an assembly line noise making machine! Every GARLAND RUBY amp is special and is intended to provide a lifetime of great tone.

My approach to doing business has always been to be as honest and reliable as I possibly can and to let the quality of my product speak for itself. I have sold tens of thousands of dollars in musical gear on eBay since 1999, and to this day I have a 100% approval rating. Buy with confidence!

Andy Church 


Solid Cypress Finger-jointed Cabinet w/ Wenge Accent Panels 

Tone Tubby Winterland 30 Watt 8 Ohm 12" Driver

Mirrored Chrome 18 ga Steel Chassis

3mm Thick Hand-Wired Turreted Circuit Board

Magnetic Components ClassicTone Power and Output Transformers

F&T Filter Capacitors

Sprague Cathode Bypass Capacitors

Orange Drop DC Blocking Capacitors

Ohmite and Vishay Dale Heavy Duty Precision Resistors

Bourns Long Life Potentiometers

Switchcraft connectors

Carling Switches

Genuine Bakelite Pointer Knobs