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Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios TG Microphone  From Chandler

Adding an innovative microphone TG lineup, this FET Large Diaphragm Condenser continues the Abbey Road lineage of character and personality. The on-board EMI Tape EQ allows for sonic flexibility to cover any recording scenario

Chandler Limited


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What We Think

The Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios TG Microphone is a sonic masterpiece, seamlessly marrying vintage authenticity with cutting-edge innovation. Rooted in the hallowed tradition of Abbey Road Studios, this microphone pays homage to the iconic recordings that have left an indelible mark on music history while introducing contemporary features like the dual tone system and the tape equalizer, taking your sound to new heights.

With its dual tone system, the TG Microphone offers an exquisite palette of tonal options. It allows you to toggle between two distinct voices, each reminiscent of the classic EMI/Abbey Road sound. Whether you seek the warmth of yesteryears or the clarity of the modern age, this microphone lets you shape your sonic identity with unparalleled precision.

Additionally, the tape equalizer feature is a nod to the golden era of analog recording. It imparts a vintage richness and character to your recordings, akin to the days when tape machines and legendary engineers crafted sonic magic. This microphone becomes a bridge between the past and the present, offering musicians, producers, and audio engineers a tool that combines the allure of vintage sound with the convenience of contemporary technology. The Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios TG Microphone is truly a timeless treasure, where history and innovation converge to create sonic artistry

Manufacturer's Description from Chandler

The Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios ‘TG Microphone’ is a solid-state large diaphragm
condenser microphone. Continuing the rich tradition of innovation, the TG Microphone is unique
in its feature-set and as the name implies, the sound is TG.
The TG Microphone’s unique on-board EMI ‘Tape Equalizer’ section combined with its ‘Dual Tone
System’, dedicated PSU and other features create an extremely flexible microphone capable of
rivaling scenarios where the FET47, C414, U87, and U47 traditionally have found favor.
The Tape Equalizer is adapted from the NAB/IEC tape equalizer facility found on vintage EMI TG
mastering desks, and applied to great effect in the TG Microphone. Historically used to
compensate for tapes played back on machines of the opposite standard, the repurposed tape
equalizer allows the engineer to sculpt the sound at the source in lieu of external processing.
The microphones shaping possibilities are further expanded when the Tape Equalizer is
combined with the selectable 90/50 Hz Low-Cut filter.
The ‘Dual Tone System’ modifies TG Microphone’s input and extends its flexibility to capture a
wide range of sources. System ‘A’ is TG mid forward, while the alternate ‘B’ voicing takes
extreme SPLs and is at home wherever a FET47 would be the choice.
The TG Microphone relies on a dedicated power supply (PSU). The use of a dedicated PSU,
rather than 48V phantom power is integral to the TG Microphone’s larger than solid-state sound.
Other features include: cardioid and omni patterns, and 10 dB pad.
Shockmount, 25’ Mogami 4-pin mic cable, dedicated PSU, and wooden case are included.
Chandler Limited

About Manufacturer

Re-creating some of the most sought after gear of the 60's and 70's, Chandler Limited has built some of the best gear in the land. Look to them for the "classic rock" and Metal sound used by some of yesterday's as well as today's best acts. Watch closely, because they continue to bring new products to market based on the legendary sounds of the past, and some that have a twist (or upgrade) of their very own. Chandler designs and releases some seriously well-built gear for the most discriminating (and famous), musicians, producers, and engineers.


Microphone Type: Large diaphragm condenser

Transducer Type: Gold, custom spec.

Circuit Type: TG, solid-sate

Dual Tone System: A/B voicings

Tape Equalizer: TG, 5 settings

Low Cut Filter: Switchable— Out, 90 Hz/50 Hz

Patterns: Cardioid/Omni

Pad: 10 dB

Impedance: 200 Ohms

Accessories Included: Shockmount, Case, PSU, 25’ Mogami Mic Cable