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Chameleon Labs 7603 XMOD Microphone Preamp & EQ  From Chameleon

Displaying the same high dynamics and low distortion as the 7603, the 7603-XMod simply provides a different character to the sound of the pre-amplifier.

Chameleon Labs


"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from Chameleon

As with the 7603, the fundamental design architecture of the 7603-XMod retraces the path of revered, classic pre-amps of the past as well as our popular 7602, however Chameleon has chosen to continue the tradition created by the 7602-XMod, allowing users to revel in the character and performance afforded by Carnhill's legendary English components.


Displaying the same high dynamics and low distortion as the 7603, the 7603-XMod simply provides a different character to the sound of the pre-amplifier.


Once your audio exits the input transformer, our circuit boards are carefully crafted to ensure the highest possible signal integrity. As a starting point, we developed a new discrete audio input gain stage based on our vision for a solid topology that provides extremely low noise, high dynamics and extreme bandwidth. All of the 7603-XMod’s operational amplifiers used throughout the device are based on this topology.


The 7603-XMod features EQ stages with four different available adjustments—Variable High Pass, Low Frequency Shelving, Mid Frequency and High Frequency Shelving. Our engineers made a conscious decision to stay with the same, desirable, inductor-based topology that made our 7602 so popular, however we implemented our new discrete Op Amp to drive signal through a new set of custom Chameleon designed and manufactured inductors, providing the musicality we all love to use.


Its output stage is unique with respect to its design and performance. It can be described as a variable gain circuit that simultaneously adjusts both the input and output levels in order to generate a lower noise floor and extraordinary audio performance.


The 7603-XMod pre-amplifier provides a desirable set of user selectable functions designed to make the unit flexible and an integral part of the artistic process, incorporating a full portfolio of traditional features as well as some not commonly seen on other pre-amps.


Microphone input impedance can be selected between 300 and 1200 ohms, providing a method by which a microphone can be more ideally matched to the input stage and making it easier to get the best from lower output microphones such as ribbon-based designs.


We added a low impedance Direct Input on the front panel for plugging in instruments such as guitars that can be run through the line input stage, and added a precision VU meter with custom ballistics for visual monitoring of either the input or output levels.

Chameleon Labs

About Manufacturer

Chameleon Labs brings to the market high quality that average users need and want at an affordable price. We are excited to offer several sought after products for both project and professional studios.


On Switch:


Turn Pre Amp On - VU Meter Light


300Ω / 1200Ω Switch:


Switch between 300Ω and 1200Ω input impedance for the mic input


48V Power Supply Switch:




DI Switch:


Direct Input with 100KΩ input sensitivity


EQ Switch:


Engages audio high pass filter and equalization circuits


Polarity Switch:


Reverses the polarity of the audio signal


Mic/Line Sensitivity Switch:


+20dB to +70dB of mic boost and -30dB to +20dB of line level adjustment.


High Pass Filter:


Provides a 15dB/octave high pass filter at 40Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz and 320Hz


Low Frequency Equalization:


Provides +/-15dB of Boost or Cut at 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz or 220Hz


Mid Frequency Equalization:


Provides +/-15dB of Boost or Cut at 360Hz, 700Hz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz or 7.2kHz


High Frequency Equalization:


Provides +/-15dB of Boost or Cut at 3.4kHz, 4.9kHz, 7kHz, 12kHz or 16kHz



Microphone (XLR):


Transformer balanced input, RF isolated


Line (XLR):


Transformer balanced input, RF isolated


Direct In (1/4” TRS):


High impedance instrument input


Input Impedance



300Ω or 1200Ω




10kΩ line bridging from 600Ω or lower source impedance


Direct Input:







From -70dBm to -20dBm in 5 dB steps for 0dBm output




From -30 dBm to +20 dBm in 5 dB steps for 0 dBm output


Noise Specification:


Better than -125dBm EIN between -80 and -40 dBm referenced to 600Ω input impedance, SNR 116dB at maximum output


Output Type:


Transformer balanced and floating to drive 600 Ω load


Maximum Output:


+28dBu into 600Ω load impedance


Frequency Response:


10Hz - 20kHz -0.5dB 10Hz - 50kHz -1dB



VU Meter Light:


Power ON


Red Input Gain:


Input Overload


Red Output Gain:


Output Overload


Power Supply

100V - 240V (50/60Hz):


Switch mode power supply, fully shielded 3 amp peak output capability, quiescent consumption 0.5 Watts


1RU Steel enclosure

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