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Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay Pedal  From Caroline Pedals

Highly anticipated delay from Caroline Guitar Co - newest version with the Tacos knob!

Caroline Guitar Company


"Experience the Difference"

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What We Think

The Caroline Kilobyte is one seriously awesome delay pedal! Based around a PT2399 digital delay chip, this pedal utilizes analog signal paths merged in a summing amplifier to create a warm and lush delay reminiscent of the earliest analog delays. Lo-fi, spacious and able to throw in the perfect amount of modulation to taste - this pedal has all the features to work into your rig. The havoc switch is an extremely musical source of inspiration, instantly taking those warm repeats and turning it into a high-pass filtered washy oscillation of tamed sound and noise - or feel free to crank the summation knob to get that out-of-control runaway oscillation.
We're lucky enough to have the newest version of the Kilobyte in with the "Tacos" knob - which controls the amount of subtle pitch shifting and modulation on the repeats. This is pretty critical in being able to dial in that perfect amount of space to the lo-fi wash you're going for with this pedal. There's no question as to why it's becoming one of our favorite delays here at the shop!

Kilobyte Lo Fi Delay Pedal Demo

The Kilobyte Lo Fi Delay Pedal from Caroline Guitar Company combines a lo fi digital chip with an overdriven analogue preamp. As Robinson demonstrates, this pedal can emit a wide range of tones without losing the power and definition of the original signal. Gear List:Suhr Classic T Shoreline Gold Electric GuitarCaroline Kilobyte Lo Fi Delay PedalCarr Rambler AmpShure KSM313 MicrophoneLaChapell 983 Two Channel Tube PreampIf you have any questions, or are interested in coming in to see this model, feel free to contact us at 919.682.5552 or visit us at SoundPure.com.

Manufacturer's Description from Caroline Pedals

Kilobyte™ is our highly anticipated lo-fi digital delay pedal. Kilobyte™ was the second pedal that we successfully funded with Kickstarter.com, raising 285% of its project goal, and is now available from our retailers.

If you’re reading this, you must be getting ready to party like it’s 1983. We’ve kept your original, dry signal path analog and pure, then given you a +21db boost/overdrive preamp to smash a low fidelity digital delay chip designed for karaoke machines and kids’ toys into smeared, repeated glory. Yeah, we’re going back in time – back to when they measured data in KILOBYTES!

This pedal is VERY capable of fun runaway oscillations, both by turning up the summation knob, or a controlled, high-pass filtered oscillation from the Havoc momentary foot switch. If you’ve ever struggled to make your delays come through prominently in the mix, or lost definition from your original signal, the attack and level controls can allow you to dial up everything from crisp, clean slapbacks to dirty, muted echoes and loud, powerful repeats. A beautiful, subtle modulation circuit by our friend Jack DeVille also sweetens the repeats with just the right amount of movement.


Caroline Guitar Company

About Manufacturer

We care because we know you do. The innovative music industry companies of the 1970s and ’80s hand crafted products that could last forever, were easy to maintain, could survive the hazards of the road, and sounded great. Now, imagine if one of those companies opened a satellite office in Columbia, S.C. and never bothered to tell that office that they went out of business or decided to offshore everything. Your pedal is built by touring and former pros at our “small batch distortery” who are crazy about classic pedals and the great work of our competitors. That being said, we love ours even more. Everything we have designed and will design begins as something we wished was out there for our own setups. After a LOT of revising, it becomes worthy of yours.

We had a million reasons to decide against doing this, just like you have a million excuses not to rock out. The same bravery that motivated you to take up playing is what motivated us to start building our first prototypes. Like you, we believe in genuine rock and roll fun, danger, courage, passion, commitment, and the thrill of hearing and seeing what you have dared to dream made real. These are the values that we share with our customers, and we are committed to doing our part towards getting you the most out of that experience. The rest is up to you.

While we are often asked if our start-up will become a success, we believe that every pedal we get to make for our customers is a success. Our work is dreamed, designed, and created in Columbia, South Carolina. We are proud that every pedal is hand-wired here in the USA, and we are also proud to say that we are committed to top-notch customer service and getting you fired up to play music.

Caroline Guitar Company is a proud member of the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator. Since its inception in November 1998, the USCCTI has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas, produced successful, financially viable and freestanding businesses, and created hundreds of additional jobs in the community.