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Brady 6.5x14 Marri Ply Snare Drum-Swamp Banksia Gloss-Used  From Brady

A rare Brady Marri ply snare drum.


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Brady Drums

"Gone, Baby, Gone"

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What We Think

This Marri ply snare drum is nothing of amazing. The Swamp Banksia veneer is new offering for the Brady Drum Company and the pictures really don't do them justice. Lucid wavy grains unlike any others that we have ever seen before and finished in a natural satin finish to not take away from it's natural beauty. All of the drums have small low mass lugs that mount with a single screw and are married with the Canopus Bolt Tight tension rods which not only prevent bolts from loosening but also cuts that undesirable metallic sound and brings the “deep and fat” sound out of your drums. This ply drum is about ¼" thick, without reinforcing rings, and are unlike anyone else's as they are not cross laminated. Instead, all the plies are laid horizontally, glued and bent in a dry mould. They are guaranteed perfectly round for life. Because all the plies run in the same direction and the glue welds the shell into a solid whole, the drums produce a sound quality very close to that of single-ply solid shell drums. Their attention to detail throughout the entire produces one of the most incredible musical instruments you can experience. Nothing sounds like a Brady.


Manufacturer's Description from Brady

Brady is the only company of its kind, able to produce their own ply shells in a revolutionary method pioneered by Chris Brady in 1988. The shells are made in a dry-mould system using individual Select Grade plies of Marri wood. The drum is pressed in a straight-grain method. All timber grain runs in the same horizontal direction around the drum shell (not cross-laminated), giving them a solid-wood sound, previously unknown in a ply shell. The bass drum comes outfitted with the Remo Powerstroke 3's on front and back, the toms have clear Ambassador resonant heads and clear Emperor batters.

Brady Drums

About Manufacturer

In a copycat world where so much is becoming the same, nothing sounds like a Brady because nothing is built like a Brady.

Chris Brady has never felt the need to duplicate traditional manufacturing techniques used by other established drum manufacturers. Instead, his creations are formed purely on the basis of how a drum should sound - all economic considerations aside.

Corporate entities tend to build drums in their own image, or as replications of what others have done. That’s why Brady has remained relatively small and fiercely independent for 30 years. It‘s essential to who we are. As one of the last autonomous well-known drum companies in the world, we can avoid the bureaucracies and red tape that strangle new and innovative ideas. Perhaps that is why - in a world of homogenized instruments - Brady drums are so remarkably, refreshingly different.

From our workshop in rural Western Australia, Chris and his team painstakingly handcraft magnificent native hardwoods into shells of unprecedented sound and quality. Here, craftsmanship is elevated to a fine art form by handcrafting shells into three different styles of construction, each in a class by itself: Ply, Block and Solid.

Chris’ formula for our diverse collection involves a timber’s grain structure, hardness, shell thickness, shell diameter, shell depth and - of course - the unique acoustical characteristics of each of our Australian hardwoods, coupled with the construction method of the shell itself.

Through the use of relatively unknown indigenous Australian timbers and Chris' progressive approach to drum design, we are proud to offer you an exquisite range of drums, created for the discerning musician to enjoy.

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Brady Drums Spotted Gum 5 Piece Ply Drum Set with Natural Satin Finish - Demo

The Brady Drums five piece kit made from Spotted Gum with a natural satin finish was produced using a revolutionary method developed by Chris Brady in 1988 to create thin ply shells that have a solid-wood sound. The Spotted Gum kit features two floor toms, two rack toms, and a 24 inch kick drum. The drum sizes are 7x10 rack tom, 8x12 rack tom, 14x14 floor tom, 16x16 floor tom, 16x24 kick drum. The snare used in the video was a Brady Spotted Gum 5.5x14 snare drum. We also only used the 7x10 inch rack tom and the 14x14 inch floor tom. Thanks to Drummer Devin Fuller, Organist Mark Wells, and SoundPure's Jared Wofford for the sick tune. To learn more about the drum kits that SoundPure now carries, call us today or email drums@soundpure.com. 888.528.9703. or 919.682.5552. The drum selection is available on Indoor Storm's website.

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