Boucher Studio Goose AAAA Adirondack/Madagascar Dreadnought  From Boucher

A beautiful Madagascar rosewood dreadnought from Boucher!


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Boucher Guitars

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What We Think

Another brilliant Boucher! Truly, the sound this guitar produces practically casts its own shadow. AAAA-grade Adirondack on the top and braces, in combination with Madagascar rosewood on the back and sides, leave you with a dread that's squarely at the top of its class.  The huge presence, cavernous bass register and white-hot treble struck me immediately.  Boucher's craftsmen opt for a lush, radiant tone in their instruments over the much drier, taut sound that many vintage pieces are well-known for.  Not to say I feel like I'm missing out on anything!  The sheer fun of playing (fingers or flatpick!) such a highly responsive, vibrant instrument is grin-inducing.  This thing isn't a wizened period-piece: it's a powerful, young instrument ready to do everything you'd want to do and even more of what you'd never expect!

Boucher Studio Goose AAAA Adirondack/Madagascar Dreadnought Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure acoustic guitar specialist Sam Kelly describes and demonstrates a Boucher Studio Goose Dreadnought. This guitar features a 'AAAA' Grade Adirondack spruce top and Madagascar rosewood back/sides.

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    • Boucher Studio Goose AAAA Adirondack/Madagascar Dreadnought

Manufacturer's Description from Boucher


Founded in 2005,  Boucher Guitars has become known as a leader in the creation of high-quality acoustic guitars. Our workshop is located in Quebec, Canada, in the heart of the Canadian Appalachian mountains, and we are lucky to be surrounded by North America’s largest Adirondack spruce forest. These majestic trees provide the wood for our guitars’ sound boards, and we are proud to be the only guitar maker working exclusively with Adirondack spruce for all of our sound boards. Every Boucher instrument is handcrafted by a team of experienced luthiers (guitar makers) and artisans. Our passion shows, in the exceptional sound quality and visual beauty of every instrument we produce…and we look forward to sharing our passion with you! 


Boucher Guitars’ location in the heart of the Canadian Appalachians gives us unique access to raw materials: we produce and supply nearly 12,000 sound boards per year, crafted exclusively from Adirondack spruce. This local sourcing allows us to meticulously select the best wood for our guitars; Adirondack spruce is a rare and sought-after material on the world market, meaning that Boucher Guitars has a trusted relationship with the world’s best-known suppliers of exotic materials. This allows us to provide guitars made of rare and unique materials, by procuring the finest raw materials in the world. Guitarists worldwide–including nationally and internationally-known artists–trust Boucher Guitars to provide them with the finest instruments available, and we are proud to have earned their trust. Visit our Artists section to learn more, and to read about the unique relationships between musicians and their guitars! 


 A team of professional artisans and luthiers (guitar makers) stands behind every Boucher guitar. We are proud to design and create fine instruments in the time-honoured tradition of Quebec craftmanship. Our passion and knowledge translate into a meticulous work ethic: our craftspeople are committed to creating high-performance instruments of superior quality, while also focusing on the highest level of finish and detail work and our exclusive and time-tested bracing styles. This attention to detail results in a guitar that exceeds our customers’ expectations in every way. We can honestly say that every Boucher guitar exemplifies strength, volume and precision, to an extent that we believe is unequaled in the guitar world. The sound and beauty of a Boucher guitar is truly an appeal to the senses: try one, and from the first chord, we think you’ll agree! 

Boucher Guitars

About Manufacturer

A few years back a wonderful man named Robin Boucher drove to Sound Pure studios all the way from Canada. In his back seat, nestled in lovely tweed cases, he had some of the finest acoustic guitars to ever cross our northern border. We became immediate friends and his work was mind-blowing. The clarity of the tone, the immaculate fit and finish, the effortless playability. To top it all off, Robin got his start as a WOOD DEALER. He happens to live in an Adirondack red spruce forest!



Serial Number: MR-1055-D

Model: Studio Goose

Size: Dreadnought

Tonewood: Madagascar Rosewood 

Top: 'AAAA' Grade Adirondack Spruce

Braces: 'AAAA' Grade Adirondack Spruce

Binding: Maple

Bound Top: Herringbone

Rosette: Herringbone

Finish: High Gloss Body and Headstock

Tuners: Chrome, Open Gear