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Bergantino Super Pre + Bass Preamp with Power Supply  From Bergantino

An expansive, ultimate toolbox for players to dial into their sound

Bergantino Audio Systems


"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from Bergantino

While each bass player’s ideal tone of choice is as unique as their fingerprint, the quest to capture it is universally difficult and rarely obtained. The Bergantino Super Pre is the solution to this problem. Amazingly expansive and remarkably encompassing, the Super Pre covers all ranges of your sound – from enhancing your clean tone, to adding gain, to offering a wide range of compression, to the precise control of your EQ, to wielding bold distortions, overdrives, and fuzzes, this powerful unit the size of a cigar box has you covered. Whether you’re hitting the stage or the studio, this is the tool that will make your sound distinctly you.

Jim Bergantino has made a career out of raising the bar for bass amplification through his award-winning amplifiers and cabinets that are used by many of the finest players around the world. Always evolving with the times and remaining one step ahead with his innovations, it’s only natural that his latest creation contains his universe of tones in one compact box. With the evolution of the gigging bass player, the Super Pre was designed for low enders of all levels and styles to have the freedom of taking their tone with them wherever they go. Regardless of the genre you play or the size of the stage you step onto, this unit has you covered.

Bergantino Audio Systems

About Manufacturer

Many brands in our industry claim to produce equipment of the highest quality and in a number of cases, many in fact do.

In relation to Bergantino Audio Systems however, that claim isn’t just a piece of marketing noise. With many industry accolades and a large number of respected professional users that rely on the brand’s products daily, it can totally be justified.

Founder Jim Bergantino has worked in a number of fields in his career – from hi-tech electrical engineering to high-end hi-fi and the professional audio world. After designing custom bass cabinets for many other leading brands, he went out on his own to start Bergantino Audio Systems in 2001.

To this day, our company remains a tight-knit firm which lets us focus on being an engineering driven company, rather than being a sales driven venture. This allows Bergantino to look forward with designs and take a unique approach to developing products. Many other brands in the bass amplification category chase very high quantities, which dictates that their product design decisions are subject to ‘unit cost’, rather than engineering excellence. All products are designed and engineered by Jim Bergantino, absolutely nothing is contracted out.

Jim sources the very finest custom transducers and materials for his speaker cabinets from all over the world. By doing this, it enables Bergantino to meet specific design and engineering goals for each product. He also continues to develop their own electronics with a ‘forward-looking’ approach, rather than just slavishly follow the crowd.

Bergantino Audio Systems is dedicated to developing and building the highest quality audio products and bass guitar amplification systems. We have received numerous accolades within the musical instrument products industry and continue to look forward with our designs and our unique approach to developing products.

We feel that our network of dealers is the finest in the industry, and we appreciate the relationships we have developed with them. Many others in our product category have made the decision to partner with larger outlets which dictates their design decisions are many times based on meeting price points rather than performance standards. Our staying small and independent offers you, the player, the best products available through the highest quality of design & manufacturing; built in the USA.

From the The Bergantino Audio Systems’ NXT (Neo X-Treme Technology) series that represent the next generation of neo technology speakers in the Bergantino lineup, to the HG Holo-Graphic 3D cabinets, to the groundbreaking forté, 1200 watt forté HP, and B|AMP bass amplifiers, Bergantino truly is world-beating in every respect, with the highest quality of design and manufacturing, all proudly built in the USA.


Lightweight and durable casing

Ultra-crisp and easy-to-read OLED display

Two Studio-Quality DIs – Pre and Post, Latency compensated

Revolutionary Bergantino Speaker-File EQ System

4-Band Multifunction EQ with adjustable frequency range and “Q”

DSP Embedded System Controlled Bass Pre-Amp

Software selectable Input Impedance

User choice of serial or parallel VRC compressor

Programmable Scene Gain (-6db to +6db – scene savable)

Programmable Filters: Bright Switch, Variable High-Pass Filter, Variable Low-Pass Filter, Variable Feedback filter

Maximum Input Levels:

Instrument Input: 3Vrms

Aux. Input: 2Vrms

Effects Return: 2Vrms

Input/Output Impedances:

Input Impedance 1M or 10M Ohm (Software Selectable)

Aux. input Impedance 20k Ohm

Send output Impedance 1.0k Ohm

Return input Impedance 20k Ohm

Line Output Impedance 1.0k Ohm

DI Output Impedance 600 Ohm

Tone Controls (Peaking Type – User Selectable Q in Program Mode):

Bass: +12dB/-18dB Variable from 40Hz to 150Hz in 5Hz increments

LoMid: +12dB/-18dB Variable from 100Hz to 800Hz in 25Hz increments

HiMid: +12dB/-18dB Variable from 400Hz to 3kHz in 100Hz increments

Treble: +12dB/-18dB Variable from 1.5kHz to 9kHz in 500Hz increments


Variable High Pass Filter (VHPF): Variable from 30Hz to 98Hz in 2Hz increments.

Variable Low Pass Filter (VLPF): Variable from 500Hz to 10kHz in 100Hz increments.

Variable Feedback Filter (VFBF): Adjustable from off (0dB) to -6dB to -12dB. Frequency

range from 40Hz to 196Hz (E1- G3) in half step increments.

Bright Filter: Adjustable +1dB to +12dB. Variable from 2kHz to 10kHz in 100Hz increments.

Parameters Saved as Part of a Scene Save (up to 21Scenes  7 Banks of 3)

Tone Controls – Gain, Center Frequency, Q

Bright Filter – On/Off, Center Frequency, Gain

VLPF frequency

Compressor – On/Off, Type, Comp, Gain

Effects – On/Off, Type, Drive, Volume, Xover, DLPF, Blend%

Scene Gain Adjust – Value from -6dB to +6dB in 1 dB increments

Effects Loop – On/Off

Input Impedance – 1Meg or 10Meg

Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.5 W x 6.75”D x 3.0”H

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Power Requirements:

9-12VDC or VAC

0.5 Amps / 500ma