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Aurora Audio GTQC Channel Strip  From Aurora Audio

Class A Microphone Preamp with 3-Band EQ and Opto/FET Compressor

Aurora Audio


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Manufacturer's Description from Aurora Audio

With introduction of the GTC2, it seemed only natural to combine it with the GTQ2 and create a channel strip. That is exactly what Geoff Tanner decided to do. The GTQC was born.

The GTQC is quite literally one channel of the GTQ2 Preamp and one channel of the GTC2 Compressor. It all conveniently fits into a one rack space package that gives you Class A discrete amplification, 3 band eq, DI, and compression (opto circuit, FET circuit, and COMB mode are all featured).


All of the features of the GTQ2 and GTQC are here in the GTQC as well. One feature unique to the GTQC is the ability to independently use the preamp or the compressor. Balanced XLR in and out allows the user to patch in the pre or compressor on different sources if needed. To use the GTQC as an “all in one” channel strip, all you need to do is press one button. This enables the signal to go in through the preamp and come out the compressor. This makes the compressor output gain your final control for volume and lets you use the VU meter (in output mode) to make sure you have optimum levels.


If you have a pair of GTQC channel strips at your disposal, the user has access to some pretty serious power in stereo. Ideal for any stereo recording and compression, you can link the compressors with ease. All you need is a single TRS cable. Just like the GTC2, the stereo link follows which ever unit is compressing more. If you are looking to beef up your entire mix by having a stereo channel strip on the insert, look no further!

Aurora Audio


Preamp Input impedance: 1,200 ohms or 300 ohms (switch selectable on rear panel) transformer balanced and floating

Compressor Input impedance: 10k ohms transformer balanced and floating

Both devices have transformer balanced and floating outputs that will drive any impedance from 600 ohms upwards

D.I. Input impedance: 10Megohms

Frequency response: <20Hz to>50KHz + 1dB

Distortion: <0.075% @ 1KHz

Preamp EIN: <-125dB @ 80dB gain

Compressor Noise: <-75dB (20 to 22KHz)

Dimensions: 19″ x 1U x 11″ (482.6mm x 44.45mm x 279.4mm)

Weight: 20lbs

GTQC Preamp/EQ Section:

The same transformer balanced Class A mic preamp/ EQ from the GTQ2

Direct input with 10dB gain and 10Mohm input impedance

Three band EQ provides + 15dB adjustment at 80Hz (Bass), 12KHz (Treble) and mid frequencies of 400Hz, 1,600Hz and 3,200Hz

80Hz 18dB/octave High Pass Filter

GTQC Compressor Section:

Threshold: -10dBu to +30dBu

Ratio: 1.5:1 to 10:1

Attack Time: 500uS to 5mS

Release Time: 100mS to 3 Seconds

Gain Make up: 0dB to +20dB

Both Fet and Opto compression

Auto Release