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Aquarian 8" Classic Clear Drumhead  From Aquarian

Great classic tone!

Aquarian Drumheads


Retail:  $18.00

"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from Aquarian

A clear, 10 mil single ply, medium weight head. It may be used on the top or bottom of a tom tom to produce a wide-open full sound with plenty of attack.

Aquarian Drumheads

About Manufacturer

In 1980, Roy Burns and Ron Marquez pooled their considerable experience (a total of 70 years at the time) to start AQUARIAN ACCESSORIES.

Roy was famous as a big band drummer in his early twenties performing with legendaries Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton and Woody Herman. In the sixties he concentrated on studio work in New York City. He played a number of top TV shows such as the Tonight Show as well as numerous TV and radio commercials. He also led his own jazz group and performed regularly at famous clubs like the Metropole and Birdland.

Ron, in his early years, was a systems analyst and manufacturing plant manager for the telephone company in southern California. Later on, he ran various manufacturing plants. In 1974, he started his own company specializing in the application of electro-static coatings. At this time, most protective metal finishes were solvent based. Even though electro-static powder coating was the preferred metal finish in Europe, it was not well known in the U.S. Ron helped to pioneer powder coating in the U.S., performing work for giant companies like Fender and Rogers Drums

Meanwhile, Roy was touring the world as the first full time Artist-Clinician in the music industry. His background as a famous drummer, teacher, author and studio musician made him an ideal teacher/performer. In many instances, a Roy Burns Clinic was the first one attended by young drummers in the U.S. and a great many foreign countries. Roy actually "set the standard" for today's drum clinicians. During the same period, literally thousands of drummers were reading his now famous "Concepts" column in Modern Drummer Magazine, which ran an unprecedented 12 years.

Around the same time, Ron expanded his electro-static coating business into manufacturing motor cross and bicycle accessories. He became one of the biggest suppliers of handle bars in unique colors to several major bicycle manufacturers in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Roy was much in demand as a clinician and his drum books were selling at an all time high. His Elementary Drum Method and One Surface Learning are considered classics. Along with his heavy clinic schedule, Roy found time to be the "house drummer" for the Monterey Jazz Festival for nine years, backing some of the greatest names in jazz and blues.

With Roy's experience in drumming and Ron's high-tech background in manufacturing, AQUARIAN introduced a number of innovative and patented products plus a unique scientific approach to manufacturing. The first product was the Cymbal Spring, followed by the X-10 Graphite Drumsticks. Ultimately, AQUARIAN DRUMHEADS were born and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Safe-T-Loc™ patented hoop prevented de-tuning and "pull outs." This was an industry first.

The "Sound Curve"™ collar design allowed the head to seat automatically, which greatly reduced tuning problems. Another industry first.

The Hi-Energy™ snare drumhead for heavy players combined true snare response and great durability. Another breakthrough by Ron.

Roy, at the same time, developed the "Tap Test"™ to help drummers in selecting drumheads. Also, an industry first.

However, Ron and Roy shocked the drumming community with the introduction of the Super-Kick™ bass drumheads which received both a comprehensive and specific patent. The Super-Kick™ bass drumheads have been described as "often imitated but never equaled." "Nothing sounds like a Super-Kick™", say AQUARIAN endorsers.

Roy's experience in music and drumming combined with Ron's extensive engineering and manufacturing background has built an innovative company dedicated to helping drummers play music. Isn't that what it's all about?