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APS SUB10 Active Studio Subwoofer  From APS

An extremely versatile sub that is designed to be very clean, with low distortion. Variable LPF to allow for matching with many different monitors. Precise level tuning and phase reverse to allow proper setup. 



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What We Think

Finding the balance between low-mid accuracy and deep bass can be a bit tricky especially with two-way monitors. Adding a sub like the APS SUB10 can bridge that gap in glorious fashion. The SUB10 allows your tops to remain focused on what they do best (delivering accuracy above ~100hz) while the sub reaches incredibly low and reveals the sub-bass details that you may or may not want in your final mix. We've successfully created a perfect 3-way system with monitor tops of all brand and size varieties with the Sub 10. It is truly a virtuosic sub for any monitoring system.

APS SUB10 Active Studio Subwoofer Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure Pro Audio Specialist Chuck Giardino gives his review of the APS SUB10 Active Studio Subwoofer.

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    • APS SUB10 Active Studio Subwoofer

Manufacturer's Description from APS

SUB 10 is designed for operation in stereophonic or multi-channel systems (5+1 or 7+1 and larger) such as DOLBY, DTS, THX, etc. This subwoofer is suitable for small/mid-sized: recording studios, broadcasting studios, TV studios, multimedia studios, post production facilities, mastering, digital workstations, home recording studios, audio monitoring systems of the highest quality.
All our speakers are available in any color or natural wooden finish. In both cases it is possible to order either matt or polished versions. We can customize the speaker to any finish available on the market based on client's request. Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.

About Manufacturer

‘Sound like never before’ – At APS we aim at excelling beyond the standards with our range of products. We are manufacturers of studio sound production devices that are designed to render thorough professional recording. In our endeavour we have combined passion, technology, and performance to create our unparalleled range of products.

Each stage of the manufacturing activity is executed and monitored in-house which gives us unique advantage and total control over the process. With a team of sound engineers at helm APS has speed past competition with innovative and advance models. Our current product range includes a complete studio monitoring system.

To our advantage we have both experience and technology in producing high-end sound systems. We further enhance our abilities by continuously investing in research and development. Need to learn more about our products, please feel free to drop us a line.

APS is very flexible in terms of custom finishes and even custom cabinets. We can rotate logos, change logo LED colours, do basically any colour, and have a large selection of wood veneers. All of these changes do have varying prices, and time frames so if you are working with a client that is wanting custom options, please feel free to reach out to me and we can work it out case by case. 
The APS Klasik is one of the newer offerings from APS, where they set out to build an excellent monitor at a reasonable price. They have stated they have no plans to build anything cheaper, as it would wind up compromising quality to do so. Most of the work into it was in the cabinet tuning and the crossover circuit. These are a great option for home studios, and if someone needs something more portable. Having RCA inputs as well allows you to even run an unbalanced input straight from your phone with a Y cable. The Klasiks are also available to order in a Hi-Fi version at the same price, with a standby power mode and front mesh to protect the drivers. 
The original APS monitor, which is significantly larger than the Klasik, even though the bass driver is only 1" larger. It is more designed as a mid-nearfield, and as such we do suggest a greater listening distance of 3' and up ideally. Being more room sensitive as well than the Klasiks, this is more geared towards advanced home studios, or professional facilities. Translation on these has frequently been commented on as being effortless. The vast majority of Aeons we supply are with the Fabric dome tweeter installed, and in most rooms, they work best with the tweeter rolled back ~1.5db. With the bass extension by-passable on these just like on the Klasiks, you can have a faster mid-range response, at the expense of less low end extension. These do not require a sub unless you are working in a large control room (suggest 500sqft and up). Even then, if you have them positioned properly, it would be best to take it as a case by case basis.
Some reviews online have put the Klasiks as above the Aeons, but in every single demo I have done having them both properly set up and tuned to the room side by side, the Aeons win hands down. A lot of it is just that the Klasiks are more room forgiving, and don't require the attention to setup to the level of the Aeons. 
These are more of a specialty item, for clients looking for massive and detailed stereo fields. They were designed for imaging, and are not as flat as the other monitors from the line. In smaller studios they do work well by themselves for acoustic work, however in most cases, we do pair them with a subwoofer. These are the only sealed cabinet of the monitors from APS at this time, and as such do not have the same low end punch the other models have.
These monitors are designed for larger studios, and really offer an exceptional all around performer. They have a massive stereo field, exceptional detail, and are very smooth and full. They offer essentially three monitors in one with their different modes, accessible via switches on the back panel. You can run them as a Three-Way, woofer bypassed (standard 2-way) or midrange direct (mixcube style). Even in fairly large studios these will seldom require a sub to be even considered. Although they can be used as near-fields, we suggest them being at a mid to far-field position to be able to really hear them properly. and get the best from them. Keep in mind these are LARGE, being 2 feet x 2 feet x 1 foot, and over 80lbs each. These can be ordered in either a vertical or horizontal configuration, or even as floor-standing tower speakers. 
Versatile sub, designed to be very clean, and low distortion. Variable LPF to allow for matching with many different monitors. Precise level tuning and phase reverse to allow proper setup. 
Designed more so as a low frequency extension of monitors, to make them resemble large mains rather than smaller monitors + sub. Exceptionally smooth and balanced. We do not stock these, as they are special order only. 



  • TypeActive – Class D power amplifier Hypex: 400 W @ 4Ω
  • DimensionsHeight x Width x Depth
  • 39 cm x 39 cm x 40 cm / 15.35" x 15.35" x 15.75"
  • Free Field Frequency Response±2.5 dB: 19-90 Hz
  • SPL in Free Field @ 1mRMS: 108 dB (single subwoofer)
  • Peak: 116 dB (pair of subwoofers)
  • Weight24 kg / 53 lbs


  • Input Sensitivity Switch / VOLUME (8 positions)-4.5dB, -3dB, -1.5dB, 0dB, 1.5dB, 3dB, 4.5dB, 6dB
  • Input Sensitivity Switch / VOLUME (3 positions)-20dB, -10dB, 0dB
  • Low-pass filter Switch CUT OFF40Hz, 45Hz, 50Hz, 57Hz, 63Hz, 71Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz
  • Filters By-Pass Switch UNFILTERED (LFE)Position down: filters ON
  • Position up: filters OFF
  • PHASE Switch0 degrees, 180 degrees
  • STAND-BY SwitchPosition down: active STAND-BY
  • Position up: continuous mode (Stand-by OFF)


  • Subbass LoudspeakerØ 29 cm
  • Diaphragm: cellulose, surround: rubber
  • Subbass Loudspeaker Power Amplifier400 W RMS @ 4 Ω (270 W RMS @ 6 Ω)
  • THD distortionsTyp 0.01%, Max 0.05% 20Hz<f<20kHz, Pout < PR/2
  • Max 0.04% 20Hz<f<20kHz, Pout = 1W
  • INPUT right (R) and left (L)Two types (common socket Combo):
  • - XLR symmetrical (balanced)
  • - TRS symmetrical (balanced) "6.3 mm"
  • and RCA nonsymmetrical
  • Input impedance 10 kΩ
  • „Loop Through” OutputXLR symmetrical, Output impedance 100 Ω


  • Subbass Loudspeaker ProtectionPop-free start and stop control
  • Power Amplifiers ProtectionsOvercurrent protection
  • Power Amplifiers ProtectionsOvervoltage protection


  • CLIPPING detectedRed LED
  • POWER ON / DC-error detectedGreen LED / Red LED