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Apogee Digital Symphony I/O MkIl 8 Mic Preamp Module  From Apogee

8 Mic preamps with 4 instrument inputs and 8 insert point

Apogee Digital

Apogee Symphony I/O - Recording Jazz with new Mic Preamp module

Symphony I/O has already set a new standard for sound quality, features, and expandability in the professional audio world. Right out of the box you are ready to connect to Pro Tools HD. You can also connect Symphony I/O to your laptop's USB port giving you 16 channels to record anywhere you like. Connect to a Symphony 64 card for incredibly low latency native recording in Logic, Cubase, Abelton, or the native version of Pro Tools. You can also connect to light pipe or AES in Symphony I/O's stand alone mode. So when it was time to design a Mic Preamp module for Symphony I/O, the Apogee engineers really pushed the limits to design a Mic Pre Amp that was good enough to be a Symphony I/O module. In this video you will hear The Symphony I/O Mic Preamp and converter capture the true tone of Vibes, B3, Guitar, and Drums.

Manufacturer's Description from Apogee


 ♦ 8 digitally controlled, 85dB microphone preamps
 ♦ Upgrades functionality of Analog I/O Module by adding mic preamps to the existing line inputs
 ♦ Creates a direct connection between the Mic Preamp Module and the Analog I/O Module by inserting a mic preamp stage before the line inputs
 ♦ Selectable 48v phantom power, Soft Limit and phase invert

Winner 2012 TEC Award

Microphone Preamplifier Technology Category

Apogee Digital

About Manufacturer

Apogee was founded in 1985 and initially made its name designing filters. Later, Apogee's complete conversion systems pushed the envelope of digital audio quality and solved many of the early problems with digital audio technology. Apogee converters have become regarded as the reference standard for digital audio conversion. Products such as the award-winning Rosetta 800, AD16x and DA16x  have become the modern benchmark by which digital audio conversion is judged. A new generation of Apogee products including the revolutionary Symphony I/O, with its modular design and flexible connectivity,  promise to extend the Apogee legacy and further advance the art of digital audio.



4 Hi-Z 1/4” instrument inputs capable of handling high level instruments



8 balanced software assignable analog insert points

Send 1-8 and Return 1-8 on 2 DSUB 25-pin connectors