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AER AG8 Monitor - Used  From AER

Fantastic 60-Watt active stage monitor from AER! 


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AER Amps

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What We Think

AER is known for being one of the best acoustic amp companies, and they definitely live up to their moniker "The Acoustic People"!

This monitor is the perfect addition to any AER amp or small acoustic setup. Rich, warm tones with balance and articulation - what more could we ask for?


Manufacturer's Description from AER

The AG 8 is an active loudspeaker-system making use of ‘compact‘ system components such as: twin-cone speaker, power-amp, controller, and cabinet. Without special acoustic voicing, the focus is mainly on its superb audio-abilities and thus it o! ers an additional range of applications as e. g.: " oor/stage or keyboard monitor, self-powered full-range P. A. system or in combination with modeling amps for electric guitar…

and for sure it is a valid supplement to any AER acoustic amp using twin-cone speaker technology.

AER Amps

About Manufacturer

AER Amplifiers are one of the world’s leaders in acoustic instrument amplification. Whether you’re playing archtop, acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar or bass, AER places an emphasis on clarity, fidelity and portability. Please feel free to contact Sound Pure to determine the right AER amp for you.
Since 1986 Susanne Janz-Eisenmann, Michael Eisenmann and Udo Rýsner have been working together in a team in various lines of the music sector - as retailers, in the repair field, as acoustic specialists and developers. "Learning by doing", the "passion" for acoustic instruments, "good sound" and the "daily removing of obstacles" have shaped the development from the beginning.

One does not become a manufacturer overnight. Exceptional solutions do not just come out of the blue. To commit oneself implies: a wave starts rolling which is difficult to keep up with, even when trying hard.

Production hall, machines, finding one's self, staff, manufacturing processes, being on the wrong track, not giving up, work safety, reliability, series production, setbacks, further developments, mistakes, customer contacts, expectations, disappointments, international contacts, trade fairs, wholesalers, multilingualism, operation instructions, warranty claims, product line, competition, business letters, financing, marketing strategies, remaining true to oneself - a great deal of things at once. A whirl between euphoria and stackoverflow.
Since 1992 they have been working to make AER the hallmark of acoustic amplification. High-quality components with minimal tolerances, sophisticated circuit technology, calculating constitute the basis to convert plans into melodious sound. More than 20 employees are busy equipping, checking, documenting, installing, assembling, and checking all over again. In the company electronics still means a great deal of manual work. Measuring and simulation do not suffice. In the end, every single amp is played and checked for sound and function.
They work for the musician's everyday task, and that is "live"


Serial Number: 980887

Year: 2015 (est.) 

inputs: combined XLR/6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack socket, 6.3 mm (1/4“) input jack sockets and RCA sockets.

Tone Controls: equalizer two band tone controls

power amp: 60W / 4 ohms, dynamic control

Speaker System: 8” (200 mm) twin cone speaker

Features: insert pre/post EQ, ground lift, adjustable line, mic and Aux

Accessories: padded gigbag

cabinet: 15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood

Finish: waterbased acrylic, black spatter

dimensions: 265 mm x 330 mm x 265 mm (10.40“ x 13.00“ x 10.40“), HxWxD

weight 7,55 kg (16.65 lbs)