Roland‘s latest offering, the TD-17 series of V-drums, offers playability and functionality at a budget-friendly price. The kits are centered on the new TD-17 module, which improves upon the functions of the older TD-11 modules. The module comes loaded with a number of pre-set warmup routines designed to ease you into your practice session. Once you’ve gotten into the groove, the TD-17’s time-check feature allows you to measure your time accuracy against a click track and strengthen your internal sense of time, something even pros struggle with.

Playing this kit is made even more enjoyable by the realistic drum sounds generated by Roland’s superNATURAL sound technology, the same as used in their top-end TD-50. The list of features grows ever more impressive with the addition of Bluetooth compatibility, making it easier than ever to play along to your favorite music. Jam to your favorite bands, record your performance, and analyze your chops all at once! Drumming is hard work, but Roland’s TD-17 V-Drums make improving your skills a bit easier.