SEGAS 2011

Southeastern Guitar and Amp Show 2011

On the weekend of September 24th-25th, Sound Pure and the gang went to SEGAS 2011 in downtown Raleigh. The Southeastern Guitar and Amp Show is a convention for manufacturers, vendors, and guitar/amp enthusiasts to show their products, swap stories, get tips and simply have a good time! The weekend was filled with guitar clinics, demonstrations, showcases, and nightly performances at the Lincoln Theatre.

Moog Cluster Flux Pedal

Moog Cluster Flux Pedal

At our Sound Pure booth, we represented a wide variety of the speciality and boutique products we carry. We featured Moog Music, McPherson Guitars, Collings Guitars, Flickinger Toneboxes, Wes Lambe, Eastman Guitars, and so many more!

Moog Music, from Asheville, NC, was featuring their newest pedal, the Moog Cluster Flux. The Cluster Flux is an incredible stereo and analog chorus and flange pedal with a wide range of vibrato effects. Moog was also featuring a Paul Vo Collectors Edition E1 Electric Guitar with endless sustain. Moog’s artist Saul Zonana also discussed their pedal steel guitar and a semi-hollow-body guitar designed by Wes Lambe.

Germanium Griffin Fuzz Boost Pedal

Rich Flickinger, from Raleigh NC, discussed his Germanium Griffin Fuzz Boost Pedal, which is hand-painted and has amazing note separation. This Germanium pedal uses two NOS Russian Germanium transistors and has impressive volume boost.

Velvet Mite 10 Watt Amp and Cabinet

Flickinger also brought his Velvet Mite 10 watt amp and cabinet (check out the video here). This amp and cabinet produce quality tone with wide options and simple functionality. Plus, the cabinet has room for you to choose your own speakers and has a removable center panel on the back of the cab. What’s really awesome about Flickinger is that everything is hand-painted/hand-wired by Rich!