Evans RE200

Evans Amplifiers have been around for 40 years, producing some of the finest stringed-instrument amps around. Designed at first for the pedal steel guitar, it didn’t take long for jazz guitar players to learn that these amps had just the kind of warm tone and punch that they had been looking for.

The Evans RE200 1×10 Combo Amp is a very popular jazz guitar amp, but can easily handle rock, as well as a variety of other playing styles. One thing that stands out to us at Sound Pure is its impressive EQ. The Ron Eschete 200 is a top seller for a reason, with its deep, rich-sounding bass and good string separation no matter what volume. Some of the features include a 10-inch neodymium speaker, 200W RMS power, and digital reverb and effects. Be sure to ask about the optional slip cover for safely transporting this 25 lb amp from Evans.

Evans JE200

The JE200 Guitar Amp Combo from Evans is similar to the RE200 in that, although great for jazz music, it is really great for any genre. The JE200 also has 200W RMS power, digital reverb and effects, a headphone out and a tilt-back foot. However, sitting at just 5 lbs heavier, the JE200 has a 12-inch speaker. The tonal range is what stands out with this amp, especially with how great it continues to sound even with the volume cranked up high.

Look at our YouTube channel for all of our demo videos featuring the RE200, JE200 and even the SE200. Our demos feature archtop guitars, pedal steel, and, most recently, solid body electric guitars. Listen to some classic rock n’ roll licks on both the JE and RE200 through a Strat, Tele, and a Les Paul.

Contact Sound Pure today and find out which Evans Amplifier Combo is right for you. Or, ask about the Hybrid JE200, which has an optional tube preamp. Our staff will be happy to help answer any questions you may have about these amps!