Earlier this year we were ecstatic to receive the first batch of serial-numbered Aged Gibson Les Pauls from Nash Guitars. After providing nearly half of these amazing relic guitars to guitarists around the world, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the very first Aged Gibson SG serial number NGSG-001. This guitar started its life as a 2010 Gibson SG 61 reissue. The same extensive vintage overhaul process is applied to the SG as the LPs.

Nash Aged Gibson SG-61 Serial Number 001

We recently caught up with Britton Nash, son of Bill Nash and head of the Gibson Aging Division at Nash Guitars. We asked him what the pickup arrangement would be and Britton explained, “we tried many different pickups in hopes of finding the ideal setup for the SG. Turns out the same coil tap pickup arrangement (DiMarzio Air Norton in bridge and Bluesbucker in neck) we used in the Les Pauls works beautifully in the SG.” We plugged in the new relic as soon as it came in the door and what we experienced was pure vintage SG bliss! You get airy humbucking and single-coil tones that are sure to please fans of both humbucking and P90-equipped SGs.

Angle view of Nash Aged Gibson SG

Moving on to the other unique features of this new relic, we’ll talk about the finish and fretwork. In order to retain period-correct appointments, they decided to keep the Heritage Cherry finish. In keeping the original color, they strip only the lacquer and apply amber and nitro with minimal lacquer-checking for a naturally aged appearance.  They are calling the finish “Faded Cherry”, not to be confused with Gibson’s faded series guitars. This new relic is definitely on par with custom shop and true vintage Gibson Guitars in every sense of playability, looks and tone.

The frets are dressed and leveled better than any plek machine.  They truly achieve the perfect amount of fret-wear for ultra-smooth bends and access throughout the entire fretboard. The back of the neck is worn away in a natural pattern making those long jam sessions last even longer without your hand sticking to the finish.

Britton mentioned, “We were very pleased with the outcome of our first aged SG. Bill and I played this guitar for about an hour each before packing it up to ship.” With feedback like that, you know you want to get your hands on one! It’s a true rocker that all Gibson and especially SG fans will love. Angus Young would approve!