Kay Thin Twin Cherry Burst Guitar

Originally introduced in the ’50s, Kay guitars have a rich history in acoustic and electric guitars. These new re-issue guitars revive the vintage appeal and are an affordable alternative when looking for that old-school sound.

The USA custom shop Thin Twin and Pro Bass are beautifully crafted instruments that we’re willing to bet are much better quality than the originals. The woods are high quality, the fret work and inlays are near perfect.

Kay Pro Bass Blonde USA

A popular alternative to the USA-made Kay re-issues is the overseas version. At a price most studios are willing to pay to have one in their arsenal, these guitars give that same great vintage vibe as the USA guitars without many noticeable differences. The vintage bluesy tones are undeniably Kay.

The Kay Pro basses have flat-wound strings that produce tonal qualities of a stand-up bass for a truly unique experience. You have to play one to really get what we mean.  Again, this is an ideal studio bass guitar at a price most studios are comfortable with spending to get this staple sound.

The Kay Re-Issues are bringing us back in time and putting a new spin on modern music. We can’t wait to start seeing them more on stages and in studios around the world.