Duesenberg “Outlaw” Starplayer TV

Everyone’s talking about Duesenberg Guitars! The boutique German-made guitar company is growing in popularity. There are many reasons why we think this is happening. First, we’ll talk about the design of the instrument. The most popular model, the Starplayer TV, sports an arched maple back, spruce top, semi-hollow body construction, Duesenberg tremolo bridge (which some say is an improved Bigsby), and a pickup arrangement of vintage humbucker in the bridge and D-P90 in the neck. Overall, the best description I’ve heard people saying about this guitar is that it’s a mix of the best parts of a Gretsch and a Les Paul. Call it what you want, but put one in your hands and hear and feel what everyone’s talking about!

Duesenberg Mike Campbell Starplayer TV Guitar

Duesenberg Guitars are played by many famous musicians such as Ronnie Wood, Mike Campbell, Peter Stroud, and so many more.  Even Bob Dylan has a signature model coming soon!

Another thing worth mentioning is that Duesenberg happens to be one of the more reasonably priced brands in the world of boutique guitars. A lot of people think you have to spend insane amounts of money to get a great playing and sounding unique guitar, but we’re spreading the word that Duesies are worth looking into. They even have a few amps that sound great, like the 20 watt Doozy One, modeled after the blackface deluxe. We recently recorded a demo video featuring that amp and a Starplayer TV Hardtail that you can view right here.

These “made-to-order” guitars take 10-13 weeks generally to get to customers, and we find that to be reasonable compared to other guitar companies, especially coming from Germany. Plug one in and let us know what you think!