Ugly 18 Amp Head and 2×12 open-back cabinet used in recording of Nash Les Paul

The popularity of the Nash Aged Gibson Les Paul is growing. We are happy to announce the release of a YouTube video that features playing from Sound Pure’s Chris and Ross, where we display the raw classic rock qualities of these amazing relic guitars. We played the Nash Aged LP-59 #010 through the Ugly Amps Ugly 18 Head and 2×12 open-back speaker cabinet. The natural overdrive of this amp is a perfect compliment to the nature of the Les Paul. The Ugly 18 amp is one of our favorite low-watt screamin’ machines at the shop, and happens to be one of the most affordable boutique amps we carry. Notice the airy quality of the re-wired pickups in this video. If you would like sound clips emailed to you, as YouTube tends to compress sound quality, we would be happy to get you clips upon request.  Let us know what you think of the video!  Enjoy!

Close-Up of Nash Les Paul headstock

Just in time for the release of the video, we just received Nash Aged Gibson Les Paul LP-60 NGLP-013.  This 60’s neck LP plays as good as our favorite LP-59 #10!  It’s clear that playability is improving with every LP Nash relics for Sound Pure.

Close-Up of Lacquer Checking on Nash Aged Les Paul LP-60 NGLP-013 DarkBurst

Straight from our new camera to your computer, here are some close-ups of the new LP60 that arrived today. Now go play more guitar!