Bruce Springsteen visits Sound Pure

Bruce Springsteen visits Sound Pure

Kay Vintage Re-Issue Thin Twin USA Guitar

Here’s a photo of the Kay guitar that Bruce Springsteen checked out while visiting us here at Sound Pure

When my girlfriend, Bronwyn, sent me a text that said “I just made a milkshake for Bruce Springsteen!” on Thursday April 15th around lunch time, I simply did not believe her. A minute later I remembered that she would never joke about something like that, especially since her family is all Springsteen fans.

She proceeded to tell me that after a conversation with him about how she loves Durham and that he “should consider checking out Sound Pure Studios because they have a great boutique guitar and amp showroom as well as a state-of-the-art recording studio.” (I just want to mention that I did not tell her to say that. She’s just that awesome.)  Bruce said he planned on swinging by while he was in town. Within about an hour of getting the news that he might stop by, he did in fact walk in the front doors of the studio and he said “Hey, I’m Bruce.” We were all shocked and thrilled to have a musician of his caliber visit Sound Pure.

While The Boss looked around the showroom and asked about some of the guitars, he eventually gravitated towards some of the more classic-styled electric guitars we carry. The Nash Guitars were his favorites (Nash makes vintage relic instruments that sound, look, and play like vintage Telecasters, Stratocasters, and Les Pauls). Bruce has been playing telecasters for the majority of his performing career.  Bruce played the TC-63, A USA made vintage re-issue Kay Thin Twin

Nash T-69 Thinline Guitar Bruce Springsteen played

and a McInturff Carolina.

We got into a conversation about my experience attending Berklee College of Music and he made my day if not month and year by saying, “Well Ross, let’s see what Berklee did for ya. Pick up a guitar. I need someone to jam with.” He picked a beautiful Candy Apple Red T-69 Thinline from Nash Guitars and plugged into the Victoria 20112 amp. I picked up my favorite Nash we currently have on the wall, an S-57 in black and plugged into a 1964 Fender Super Reverb. A blues jam ensued. I’m not going to lie—I was REALLY nervous and I did not play anything impressive. I was trying my best to stay composed and hold it together while The Boss was playing great licks. It lasted all of about 4 and a half minutes. This sort of thing doesn’t happen to me every day! It was such an honor and privilege to spend time with him and his son Sam. I won’t ever forget what a great guy Bruce is and how generous he is with his time.

Nash S-57 I played during the Springsteen jam

1964 Fender Super Reverb I played during Springsteen jam

I’ve told this story too many times to remember over the past few weeks and I won’t ever get sick of telling it. I’ve heard that a lot of people wonder if Bruce is as nice and normal as sometimes described. I’m here to tell you, he’s a genuinely great guy and a pleasure to meet and jam with. We hope he visits the studio again in the future. Thanks Bruce! You’re an inspiration!


-Ross Gruet, Boutique Guitar and Amp Sales