Sometimes we have to think, “man, we love our job.” When the legendary Bruce Springsteen showed up today at Sound Pure for an impromptu visit of the Guitar Boutique and Sound Pure Recording Studios, we were thinking just that. The Boss had a chance to spend some quality time with some the guitars from our collection, and even got into a little jam with Sound Pure’s Ross Gruet. Here we have him pictured with one of his favorites from the collection that he had a chance to play, a Nash Telecaster. He also enjoyed his tour of Sound Pure Recording Studios, and had some great things to say about the studio, and also some great studio stories of his own that he shared with us.

Bruce Springsteen remains a true rock ‘n’ roll icon, but today we got to see for ourselves how great of a guy he is. Hopefully he will come back and see us!

Sound Pure’s Guitar Boutique