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Sam Hayes

Musical Instrument Administrator

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A Quick Q&A with Sam


When did you first start playing music?

Around 4th grade, my parents started me on piano which unfortunately did not capture my attention. Luckily guitar stuck with me in 5th grade and I’ve been obsessively noodling around ever since.


What brought you to Sound Pure?

The locally owned and operated boutique nature of the store, along with a job description that matched some of my existing career skills with my interests.


Have any pets? 

I have a cat named Pistachio who loves to knock dice around and attack my feet


What are your passions and hobbies outside of music? 

I am obsessed with rock climbing and Magic the Gathering. The latter of which I played professionally throughout college.


What’s on your personal bucket List? 

Fill my skin with tattoos that are mostly visual puns (ex: the bee on my knee, snake in my boot, cat in pajamas)