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Rick Tholen


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A Quick Q&A with Rick


When did you first start playing music?

About 14 years old I inherited an old nylon string acoustic no-name guitar from my mom. I started messing around with it off and on over the next few years but didn’t really come into my own or start really writing and learning until I was about 23. About that time is when I started to excel as a musician/singer-songwriter.


What brought you to Sound Pure?

My love for music and Photography, People, and Durham.


Have any pets? 

A 5-year-old pit mix named Cali. And my girlfriend has a Frenchie named Coca.. might as well be mine too.


What’s on your “turntable” right now?

1000 Mods


What are your passions and hobbies outside of music? 

Photography and anything art related.


What’s a quirky or fun fact about you? 

I love making music. I hate performing for people.


What’s your least favorite thing to practice? 

 Scales. (I’m primarily a three-fingered rhythm guitar player.)