Mapex 7x14 Black Panther Phatbob Snare Drum  From Mapex

With its extra thick shell, rounded bearing edges, and deep snare bed, Phatbob can barely button its pants with all that body. 


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From the famed Black Panther series, the Mapex Phat Bob Snare Drum is built to be played hard and loud. This snare is armed with an extra thick maple shell and a deep snare bed for a thick, fat sound. Mapex's True Sonic bearing edges add to the fat by providing a smoother and warmer articulation that tunes with ease. The ten lug configuration helps dial in your favorite sound effortlessly while the Sonic Saver hoops bring your rimshots to life. 

For players that want a little more focus or projection, this drum can definitely compete for attention on your snare drum stand.

Mapex 7x14 Black Panther Phatbob Snare Drum Quick 'n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain explains the various features of the Mapex 7x14 Black Panther Phatbob Snare Drum, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • Mapex 7x14 Black Panther Phatbob Snare Drum

Manufacturer's Description from Mapex

The Mapex snare drum boasts handbuilt and hand-finished Black Panther drum shells and completely redesigned hardware. From the fresh, sculpted lug design to the smart new badge, Mapex Black Panther snare drums are now more beautiful than ever. 

Mapex Black Panther hardware
The cylinder-drive strainer uses a self-lubricating bearing to ensure smooth operation while providing minute control of the snare tension. Mapex's piston-style throw-off is incredibly smooth and requires minimal effort to operate, and the adjustment dial employs micro-lock technology that provides a tactile click as it's turned, allowing precise control. 

Mapex Sonic Saver Hoop
The Sonic Saver Hoop bridges the gap between flanged hoops and die cast hoops. A unique shaping process creates a profile that reduces wear and tear to both sticks and hands while dramatically enhancing the response and feel of every rimshot.
The Sonic Saver is significantly lighter than a conventional die cast hoop, so it won't choke the shell's vibration. The result is a more natural percussive sound with much greater resonance.
This Mapex Black Panther snare drum features stainless steel snare wires for crisp, lively action, and premium Remo drum heads, including a coated Ambassador batter head.


About Manufacturer

Mapex Drums is a drum brand manufactured by KHS Musical Instruments Company of Taiwan. They have been in the drum making industry for over 18 years. Mapex employs over 100 artisans who skillfully apply their talents to create some of the greatest drum gear around. Mapex has earned a reputation for designing, engineering and building the highest quality acoustic drums. In fact, Mapex is one of the only companies of its kind to have received ISO9001 certification, the world's standard for manufacturing excellence.


 Mapex Phatbob Snare Drum Features:

  • 14" x 7"
  • Maple
  • Bearing Edge: Semi-Rounded 45 degree Outside Cut
  • Sound: Warm, Focused & Loud
  • Transparent Black
  • Brushed Nickel Harware