We realized that some of our customers were a little intimidated about shipping their sets to us for trade or consignment, so we devised a simple solution to make the task easy.

Do you need to ship your drum kit or put it away safely for storage? Our drums specialist Barry Knain gives step-by-step instructions to show you how to safely pack your drum set, whether you just want to protect it for putting away in the attic or need to ship it across the country. If you follow these directions, you can be sure you’re properly protecting your shells, hoops, drums heads, and hardware to minimize any chance of damage.

In addition to this video, you can also download our PDF with step-by-step instructions, which includes a list of the supplies you’ll need. Also, if you have any trouble finding supplies in your area, consider getting one of our drum packing kits. Larger boxes that fit bass drums are sometimes hard to find, so we put together several kits with basic supplies to take some of the hassle out of the process. Make sure you refer to our sizing chart below so you can select the right kit for your needs!

What You’ll Need

  1. Paper for padding
  2. Cardboard scrap
  3. Packing tape (don’t use Scotch, masking, or duct tape!)
  4. A utility knife
  5. Drum key or drill bit
  6. Packing boxes

If you have any questions about how to ship your particular set or want to learn more about our trade-in and consignment program, please don’t  hesitate to contact us! We’ve packed literally thousands of drums and are here to help.

Local or International: (919) 682-5552
Toll Free: (888) 528-9703